Can You Have More Than One Save File in Pokemon Sun and Moon?

The timeless question: when will Pokemon allow us to have multiple saves? When will we be able to juggle more than one adventure at a time, because we’re not ten anymore and we can do it Nintendo, really, we promise.

With each release in the series comes new hope that we’ll finally be able to try out a new game save without trashing permanently are hard-earned badges and teams. Does Pokemon Sun and Moon finally deliver this feature?

The sad answer is no, there is no ability to have multiple saves in Sun and Moon. If you want to play a new game, you’ll have to manually delete your existing save from the menu, and then start an entirely fresh adventure without looking back.

Let us know if you long for a world with multiple Pokemon saves, and for more on Sun and Moon, check out our Ultimate Guide filled with tips, QR codes, and more.

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