Skyrim: Special Edition’s First PS4 Mods Include Weather Effects, New Loading Screens, and Beehives

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Five beehives, to be exact.

With only a few days until the release of Skyrim: Special Edition, the first PlayStation mods are appearing on Bethesda’s mod page.

As announced earlier this month, PS4 mods for both Skyrim and Fallout 4 won’t be able to utilize external assets, including custom textures, models, and audio files not included within the game. Nineteen PS4-compatible mods are listed now, ranging from minor modifications to more complex creations.

So far modders have managed a couple of impressive feats using internal assets, including Chesko, creator of the popular Frostfall mod. Chesko’s Rain and Snow FX PS4 mod uses invisible spell effects to create dripping water and frost effects. It’s only one of the features of its extensive Frostfall counterpart, but Chesko says, “This was really meant to be a special gift to the PS4 community, at least for now.”

It’s likely we’ll see more modding feats following Skyrim: Special Edition’s release. In the meantime, the majority of mods cover the basics – mods that disable cinematic kills, add lore-filled loading screens, or put a few beehives in front of Honningbrew Boilery.

Meanwhile, on the Xbox One mod page:

Skyrim: Special Edition comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC October 28. If you’re looking to skip school and/or work to play, Bethesda has provided a somewhat convincing sick note for your convenience.

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