Watch Dogs 2’s New Gameplay Footage Has Sneaking, Swimming, and Coffee

watch dogs 2 ps4 pro playstation meeting

You take decaf, or espresso?

In addition to the new story trailer, Ubisoft also has some new gameplay to show off for the upcoming Watch Dogs 2. The lovely folks at GameSpot got to play a mission where Marcus Holloway sneaks into the compound of the Haum (pronounced ‘Home’) company to steal a truck with some cutting edge tech. As is the case with stealing from anyone, it doesn’t take long for Marcus to draw attention and have security forces chase him down.

Along with showing off what you can do with your phone while driving, like rigging steam pipes to explode or send vehicles to block off your pursuers, the footage also reveals that Marcus can swim. It’s definitely an improvement, considering in the last game, Aiden Pearce was very allergic to good old H2O. Once Marcus takes the truck back to the DedSec base, The Wrench finds what he’s looking for and asks for some coffee. It is San Francisco, after all.

Watch Dogs 2 comes out Nov. 15 for the Xbox One, PC, and PS4.

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