Destiny: Rise of Iron Breathes New Life into the Classic Strike, “Devil’s Lair”

rise of iron

A reason to revisit the Devil’s Lair.

YouTuber Arekkz has just uploaded a full playthrough of the ‘remixed’ version of the Devil’s Lair strike, which will be made available in Destiny’s upcoming expansion, Rise of Iron. While the changes made in this new version of the strike are just limited to gameplay stuff, don’t watch the embedded video if you want to go into Rise of Iron completely fresh. That said, if you do want to see how Devil’s Lair has changed, you can check it out in the video down below.

The changes are fairly substantial. Enemy spawn points have changed, and so have the types and variants that will show up. Heck, even the confrontation with the Fallen Walker has received quite a big shakeup. No more just camping in one spot and sniping it from a distance while keeping an eye out for errant Dregs. The music that plays during the Sepiks fight has also seemed to change a little. Devil’s Lair was one of the very first strike players attempted when Destiny first launched two years ago, so it’s nice to see the strike getting revamped for the new expansion.

Rise of Iron will be released for the PS4 and Xbox One on September 20.

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