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Two New Resident Evil 7 Screenshots Emerge Ahead of TGS 2016


Two New Resident Evil 7 Screenshots Emerge Ahead of TGS 2016

That’s some icky-looking food.

Capcom recently sent out an email to all users who signed up for their ambassador program, and the company revealed two new screenshots from Resident Evil 7. The two screenshots, which you can check out down below, feature the Baker family having dinner at their table, as well as a room that looks like the attic from the Beginning Hour teaser demo. The Baker family is looking pretty gross, as expected, and their food certainly looks unappetizing. The other screenshot, on the other hand, is a little more interesting, especially considering that Capcom mentioned that very little content from the demo will actually make it into the final product.



Following the reveal of Sony’s PS4 Pro, Capcom has also announced that Resident Evil 7 will be getting PS4 Pro support when it officially releases.

Resident Evil 7 is set to be released for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 24, 2017. We’ll probably get more info about the game during Tokyo Game Show 2016 as well.

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