Watch Prey’s Protagonist Turn into a Coffee Mug in New Gameplay Teaser


Stealth mode, activate.

Bethesda unveiled a lot of new Prey info at QuakeCon 2016. Unveiling new gameplay footage, they delved into the game’s RPG-like talent tree, showed off new aliens, and revealed that the game’s protagonist could turn into a coffee mug at will. Yes, Morgan Yu can become inanimate objects and use his new form to sneak past enemies or get through tight spaces.

Today at Gamescom, Bethesda released some of that QuakeCon gameplay footage in a two-minute teaser, and now you can watch all the mug action with your very own eyes. Check it out below.

Throughout the course of Prey, Morgan will pick up and enhance more abilities than the Mimic one featured above. Using a horrifying contraption that injects things into his eye, he’ll be able to gain powers like time-slowing and super strength. Perhaps more horrifying, the Mimic ability comes from the Prey’s Mimic aliens, who can disguise themselves as regular objects throughout the game. No trash can is safe.

For more on Prey, check out 10 cool things we learned about the game at QuakeCon 2016.

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