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10 Cool Things We Learned About Prey at QuakeCon 2016


10 Cool Things We Learned About Prey at QuakeCon 2016

You can turn into a mine and detonate yourself, for starters.

Morgan Yu, Prey’s unlucky protagonist, will use a range of Neuromods to fend off the aliens infesting the Talos 1 space station. These devices, found throughout the game, grant Morgan special abilities, and sometimes even alien powers. Players will be able customize their playstyle by equipping different Neuromods.


Poor Morgan can only use a Neuromod by stabbing his eye with a needle gun. Players will get to experience the animation first hand, the beginning of which you can see in the official gameplay trailer.

Or any other regular object. Using the Mimic ability, Morgan can scan an object and then tranform into it. In the Prey demonstration at Quakecon, we saw Morgan turn into a coffee mug and then awkwardly roll through a narrow space.

Morgan’s Mimic ability comes from the Mimic aliens that share the same power, as we saw at QuakeCon. Any chair or garbage can could be a Phantom in disguise.

Along with the typical firearms like pistols and shotguns, Morgan will have access to a glue gun. The Gloo Cannon can be used to stick aliens to a spot, put out fires, disarm traps, and create platforms.

The Neuromods are inherently linked to the shadowy aliens and mysterious experiments performed on them. The sound of upgrading Neuromods, we learned, can attract aliens to your locations.

Tying into the Prey survival gameplay, Morgan will be somewhat of a scavenger. He can loot bodies and the environment to collect various resources, then put into a Fabricator device to create a new object. During QuakeCon, it was used to make a Propulsion System used to navigate the zero gravity world outside the station.

One of the Prey superhuman powers we were introduced to was Leverage, which grants a hefty amount of strength. Morgan used this to pick up and throw massive objects, useful for clearing areas or gleeful destruction.

This time-altering ability creates a zone around Morgan that will slow down nearby enemies. Particularly useful for

Prey lead designer Ricardo Bare shared that while weapons can be effective, they’re fairly rare. Arkane Studios said at QuakeCon 2016 they are looking to create a psychological story, and scarcity of survival tools will definitely be feeding into that theme.

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