Final Fantasy XV’s Ultimate Collector’s Edition is Almost Out of Stock

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“This is the final batch of UCEs we will produce”.

Square Enix has revealed in a blog post that the extra 10,000 copies of their ultimate collector’s edition for Final Fantasy XV will be their final shipment. Square Enix first announced the edition during their Uncovered livestream in March, where they also announced a CGI movie set parallel to the game starring popular actors Lena Headley, Sean Bean, and Aaron Paul.


The edition includes a Play Arts Kai figure of the game’s protagonist Noctis, a 192-page art book, Blu-ray discs of the movie Kingsglaive and the six-part anime series Brotherhood, a two-disc soundtrack of the game, film and anime, downloadable content, and the game itself.

“We have only been able to produce 10,000 more UCEs due to the time it takes to create each individual Noctis Play Arts Kai figure”, said a representative for Square Enix. “This the final batch of UCEs we will produce”.

Square Enix were unable to confirm whether the new stock would arrive on time for the game’s launch on September the 30th this year, but mentioned that people high in the waiting list for the European and American Square Enix stores would be first selected within 48 hours of being notified by email with a private link on March the 23rd. Details for fans in Australia and New Zealand will be revealed soon.

Final Fantasy XV is expected to launch on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September the 30th.

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