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New Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3 Screenshots Emerge


New Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.3 Screenshots Emerge

Very shiny.

Final Fantasy XIV will be getting patch 3.3 very soon, and here’s a whole bunch of screenshots to get you hyped for it. The new screenshots that have just emerged feature Sohr Khai, Hullbreaker Isle (hard mode), and a whole lot more of content packed in with the patch.

Below are the official descriptions of the dungeons taken straight from the official Final Fantasy XIV website:

Sohr Khai:

Majestic and forgotten, its existence unrecorded in the annals of man, a palace rests atop the clouds in the farthest reaches of the Churning Mists. This skyborne splendor was once home to Ratatoskr, brood-sister to Hraesvelgr and Nidhogg, until the treachery of mortals ensured that its stones would never again ring under the she-wyrm’s talons. The dragons named it “Sohr Khai,” a grieving apology for their failure to avert her fate, and they watched with infinite sadness as Ratatoskr’s empty roost was overrun by bird and beast.

Hullbreaker Isle (Hard Mode):

To the chagrin of countless treasure hunters, the golden coffer of the legendary Mistbeard was not to be found on Hullbreaker Isle. And so like the mists which had withdrawn to reveal the isle did those ambitious souls depart to seek fame and fortune elsewhere, allowing Eynzhar Slafyrsyn to quietly petition Admiral Merlwyb for permission to repurpose it as a training ground for Maelstrom recruits. The storm marshal would have you be the first to brave this gauntlet, that you might pit yourself against the isle’s fearsome fauna and the Maelstrom’s elite, and in so doing rouse their spirits. Will you give the storm officers a beating they will not soon forget, or will they stand triumphant at the last and shout that they have bested the Warrior of Light?

How excited are you for the patch to drop? Let us know in the comments down below.

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