League of Legends’ Reworked Armor of the Fifth Age Taric Got an Even Deeper V

League of Legends Armor of the Fifth Age Taric

Riot’s taking the plunge.

The League of Legends Taric rework is hitting the PBE this week, testing the waters with his outrageous visual and technical changes. The feedback was undeniable: Armor of the Fifth Age Taric’s in-game model needed a deeper V, one that would match the depth of his splash art.

And so, the V has deepened. You can check out the new plunging neckline in the image below, via Surrender @20. Keep in mind, what appears on the PBE may not end up in the full game.

Aside from 40% more chest, Taric’s also sporting an updated kit, which includes a skill-shot stun and the ability to link with an allied champion. You can check out all his new abilities, as well as every new splash art, in our rework roundup over here.

Taric’s new lore has also gotten a bit deeper, telling tales of his broken oath and a deadly climb up Mount Targon in search of redemption. Riot’s new webcomic can give you a short introduction, and there’s also a great voice-over version courtesy of Blakinola here.

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