XCOM: Enemy Unknown out Now for PlayStation Vita

Available now at £15.99.

If this is the first you’re hearing about the PlayStation Vita port of 2012’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown, then you’re forgiven, for the game stealth-launched late last night on the PlayStation Vita Store.

The game, renamed XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus, suddenly appeared late last night on the PlayStation Vita Store, costing users £15.99 and weighing in at 2.2GB. XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus was never formally announced by publisher 2K Games, and it still hasn’t been, even after this stealth release occurred late last night.

However the age-rating for the game previously leaked online from the ESRB, and shortly afterwards the Trophies for the game also leaked online, from So while the existence of the game perhaps shouldn’t surprise everyone, the stealth release took everyone by surprise.

Not much is actually known about the technical specifics of the game right now, given the fact that it surprisingly launched mere hours ago. However this hasn’t stopped dedicated PlayStation Vita and XCOM fans from taking to social media to express their views about the port. Some of the verdicts can be seen below:

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