Cannot Unsee This When Looking at the Supposed NX Controller

A couple of images have recently surfaced that are rumored to be the controller for Nintendo’s NX, but be warned, when you take a look at them, you won’t be able to unsee what we’re about to show you.

The images show a rounded, sleek controller with a couple of analog sticks popping out of a shiny surface. However, remove those analog sticks and what are you left with?

A rear view mirror.

Nintendo NX, mirror, controller, cannot unsee

The curved edges, shiny reflective surface, and lack of anything other than those two lonely analog sticks just make it look like some state of the art mirror you’d find in a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Although we wouldn’t advise trying to play games on your car’s rear view mirror.

Now, whenever you look at these images of the rumored NX controller, you’ll always think of a rear view mirror. You’re welcome.


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