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Could This Really Be the Nintendo NX Controller?

Nintendo, E3 2017

Could This Really Be the Nintendo NX Controller?

Could it be?

Images are currently doing the rounds on the internet of what is rumored to be the controller for the Nintendo NX.

The images included below were brought to light by Reddit user, perkele37. The controller looks to have two analog sticks on a screen that covers the rest of the face. From these images it doesn’t look like there are any other buttons on the face of the controller. However, it does look like there may be a couple of shoulder buttons on the back of the controller as you can see something popping out on the top left of the controller in the first image below.

Nintendo NX, controller, rumor

It’s certainly a different design for a controller and while these haven’t been confirmed to be the NX controller over at Nintendo, the design does match a similar rumor that did the rounds just a few days ago. Of course, this may be a prototype or concept model but only time will tell whether this is what we’ll be using to play games on Nintendo’s next console.

Nintendo, NX, controller, leak, speculation, rumor

Do you think this is the Nintendo NX controller? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.


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