Street Fighter’s Best Player in the World Got Rekt by Lupe Fiasco

street fighter v


Street Fighter fans have probably heard of the name Daigo Umehara, the best player of the game in the world. Last night, Umehara went up against rapper Lupe Fiasco in a game of the gorgeous looking Street Fighter V, and to the surprise of literally everyone, Fiasco came out on top. The two played as series icons Ken (Fiasco) and Ryu (Fumehara), in a video you can check out below.

Naturally, given Umehara’s status, a lot of folks couldn’t help but feel like Fiasco’s win was possibly staged. A Mad Catz representative has already declared that that isn’t the case, because “Daigo would never allow such a thing!” So it looks like it is indeed the real deal, and people lost their shit.

You can do it!

So to sum all of this up for all you Street Fighter fans out there…

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