Rise of The Tomb Raider’s First DLC Baba Yaga Release Date Revealed

Baba YagaThe Temple of the Witch, Rise of The Tomb Raider’s first piece of story-driven DLC will launch Tuesday, Jan. 26 on Xbox One and Xbox 360, Microsoft announced today. You can check out the frightening launch trailer down below.

The DLC will be available for purchase separately, and will also be included in the season pass. The price for non-season pass holders has not been revealed as of yet. People who purchased the Season Pass have already gotten their first chunk of content with the Endurance mode. This game mode pushes Laura to the max, forcing players to manage her warmth and resources to survive as long as possible.

Microsoft has not announced how long it will take players to beat the new DLC, but they did mention it will add “hours” of new gameplay. The second piece of DLC is titled Cold Darkness Awakened, but has not received a release window yet.

Enjoyed Rise of The Tomb Raider? If so, are you planning to pick up this DLC? Let us know in the comments below.

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