Destiny Players Can Sparrow Race Against Bungie Employees This Week

On your marks, get set…

Last week, Destiny players were given a new update to the game that let them race against each other in their Sparrows. The Sparrow Racing League gives you the chance to get new loot, but what if it gave you something better? Something like, say, bragging rights against Bungie employees?

Bungie has announced that this Wednesday, employees will be holding a Twitch stream where they’ll race against players in the Sparrow Racing League. If you beat them, you’ll win yourself a nice little emblem to prove your speed. Everyone who places in the Top 3 during the 2 hour event will get this emblem, which you can see below:


The Twitch stream will start at 6 PM Pacific time, so you’ve got some time to hop into Destiny and practice your skills. Think you can beat Bungie at their own game? Let us know in the comments below.

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