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Fae Farm Is the Latest Cozy Game You Need on Switch

Time to get cozy down at the farm.

Cozy games have found a perfect home on the Nintendo Switch. The Switch offers a relaxing title for everyone: from tidying games like A Little To The Left to thoughtful adventures like Night in the Woods. The latest cozy release is Fae Farm, a magical escapist game full of cute animals and an expansive world to explore. The Phoenix Labs title will be released on September 8, 2023 so you have some time to decide if this is going to be your new obsession. Allow us to try and convince you that Fae Farm is the latest cozy game you need right now.

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Why You Need to Pre-Order Fae Farm Today

So, are you wondering if Fae Farm is the next game to be added to your library? We can help you make that decision! This newest cozy game, due for release on September 8, is set to be the best cozy purchase you make this year.

Detailed Character Customization

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As an avid cozy gamer, and OG Sims player, one of the best things about many games including cozy titles is the character customization. Fae Farm has a satisfyingly detailed customization section where you can choose from multiple body types, a huge array of skin colors, eye color and shape, and hair styles. You can even color each eye differently if you wish! The variation in styles and colors really lends itself to the overall feeling of inclusivity that so many players wish for in a game. I feel many of us will spend the first hour of playtime on this section alone.

Customizable Cabins

As well as the character customization, you can design and decorate your own home in Fae Farm. The level of detail is just as top tier as the character-based design. Each item you find or buy has its own number of ‘regions’ which can be changed to suit your aesthetic. There is also an option to ‘Color All’ if you don’t especially need each part to be a different shade. This design aspect also applies to clothing so you will never see another player wearing the exact same outfit as you!

Smooth and Realistic Movement

This may not be the first thing you think of when you load up a cozy game but the detail the developers put into how your character moves is really special. My favorite aspect is the way your little fae dives into water. It is so amusing to see the character dolphin-leaping in and out of the waves. The physics of how your character moves when they leap and somersaults is especially adorable. The movement is fluid and pleasing, and doesn’t feel rigid or limiting like some games can be.

Easy Foraging

Mining crystals in Fae Farm
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The devs have made sure this game runs as smoothly as possible for players with the addition of automatic tools. No longer will you have to find and select the tool you need in a specific situation, the game does it automatically for you. Cutting down trees? Your character already has the axe in their hands. Standing near a pile of rocks, ready to mine them? The pickaxe is ready and waiting in your hands! This is a small but welcome addition and makes foraging an effortless endeavour.

Comprehensive Items and Inventory

Now you’re going to need somewhere to put all those resources you foraged! Unlike some games, Fae Farm gives us unlimited storage for all the resources and items we manage to gather. This makes farming and crafting a whole lot simpler and stress-free. There is no wandering around trying to remember where you stored the wheat, or having to craft yet more Storage Containers for the flowers you picked. Everything you need will be right there with you. I mean, this is a magical world so why wouldn’t they magic up some Mary Poppins style pockets? I honestly believe all cozy games should have unlimited storage. Finding your items is easy too as you can sort them alphabetically or by number of items, and find them however you want!

Clever Crafting

One of my favorite things about this game is the fact that when you no longer want an item you can ‘Reclaim’ it and get the resources back that you spent creating it. How awesome is that? It is especially good for players who change their minds about what furniture they want, or craft something they end up not liking as much. If you Reclaim a piece by accident it won’t cost you any more resources than usual. That’s just such a cool, stress-free, element to the game.

Adorable Animal Farming and Pets

fae farm cute animals
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As this has farming elements you will of course get to raise animals. Not only can you feed and care for each critter you purchase, you can also have them trail behind you like they are your little companion. It is honestly so adorable. The animals in Fae Farm are really cute, and there is a good range of different types so you may have difficulty choosing your favorite!

Multiplayer Fun

Other cozy games have a multiplayer option so this may not be a new concept for cozy fans, but it is a welcome addition to Fae Farm. As with most other games you can either host or join a game by sharing request links or codes. Friends can join you at any time and you don’t even have to create a new save file for multiplayer. The host gains XP but all friends get to keep the coins they collect as they wander around the world they just joined. It’s really cute seeing your friends’ characters in your world!

Selling at The Village Market

The Fae Farm Market is such a cute way of selling items you don’t want or need, and really adds some depth to the game. Instead of just selecting items and then tapping ‘Sell’ via your inventory, you can visit the Market and set up a table there. It truly gives community vibes as you set out your stock along with other villagers.

If you were on the fence about buying Fae Farm, hopefully that helpful list has convinced you to treat yourself to this new cozy game on Nintendo Switch!

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