The Hardest Breaking Bad Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

breaking bad trivia quiz

Breaking Bad is one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows of all time. It also has a fairly passionate following that loves to do nothing more than dig into every little detail of the show. If that’s you, then challenge yourself with the hardest Breaking Bad trivia quiz you’ll ever take.

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Just keep in mind that this quiz won’t pull any punches with spoilers. You’ve had enough time to catch up since the last episode aired in 2013. And even if you’ve watched each episode once, that might not be enough. Just do your best and rack your brain for all those little tidbits of info that are rattling around in there.

And when you get your final score for this Breaking Bad trivia quiz, don’t forget to share your results in the comments and on social media. Then after that, go ahead and check out all of the other fantastic quizzes we have here on Twinfinite.

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The Hardest Breaking Bad Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

We're gonna start easy. What type of cancer does Walter White find out he has in season one?
What are the names of the elements that form stylized title of the show?
What is printed on the vanity license plate of the car Walter White destroys in the episode Cancer Man?
In the episode Better Call Saul, what does the first person in Saul Goodman's commercial say he got in trouble for?
In the season two episode titled Grilled, what does Hector Salamanca see Walter White do that makes him angry?
By the last episode of season two, how much money did savewalterwhite.com raise?
In the episode Caballero Sin Nombre, what type of pizza does Walter White throw on the roof?
What is the name of the Walt Whitman poem Gale Boetticher recites for Walter?
When Walter is trying to rid his lab of a fly, what does Jesse mistake for the dead insect?
What is the name of the car wash that Bogdan sells to Skyler and Walter?
What gift does Gustavo Fring give Don Eladio when he visits him in Mexico?
What is the name of the nursing home Hector is found in during season seven?
What is the title of the Walt Whitman book Hank looks at in Walter's bathroom?
What item laced with ricin is used to kill Lydia?
When we last see Saul Goodman, what does he say is his "best case scenario" following his escape from New Mexico?

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