10 Pokemon That Could Absolutely Destroy the World if They Wanted

These Pokemon can cause a lot of havoc.

Dangerous Pokemon


Pokemon, Tyranitar, Dangerous

Tyranitar is not only one of the most powerful Pokemon introduced in the second generation, but is also one of the most powerful non-legendary creatures. Nicknamed the armor Pokemon in the anime series, Tyranitar has high base attacking stats in the game. While this makes them inherently dangerous, the Pokedex entries explain what Tyranitar can actually do.

Tyranitar is powerful enough to change landscapes and crumble mountains, which means it could do even more damage to other Pokemon or anything that is man-made. Also, it has been described as being unharmed by most attacks. There isn’t much that can take a Tyranitar down.


Pokemon, Camerupt, Dangerous,

It is fairly obvious why Camerupt is dangerous. The Hoenn Pokemon has not one, but two volcanoes on its back. Unsurprisingly it is nicknamed the eruption Pokemon, but when does Camerupt’s eruptions occur?

Violent eruptions of the volcanoes on Camerupt’s back will occur at least every 10 years, with the magma being described in the Pokemon Ruby Pokedex entry as being 18,000 degrees Fahrenheit. What is most dangerous however is that the eruptions will also occur when Camerupt becomes angry. You definitely want to make sure you’re on a Camerupt’s good side.


Pokemon, Lugia, Dangerous

This list may focus on non-legendary Pokemon, but the potential destruction that can come from Lugia can’t be ignored. Lugia is one of the two main legendary Pokemon from the second generation of games, and resides underneath the Whirl Islands in the western area of Johto.

Even just by flying with a low amount of power, Lugia is said to be able to cause havoc by blowing apart regular houses. Lugia knows its own danger, and has taken precautions by living far away from others. At least it doesn’t use the power for evil.


Pokemon, Gyrados, Dangerous

When you see a Magikarp, you don’t think it would evolve into one of the most dangerous Pokemon out there, but it does. Gyrados looks mean, angry, and towers above many other Pokemon due to being 21’4″ tall. The Pokedex entries don’t paint a better story.

Pokedex entries describe Gyrados as enormously destructive, horribly brutal, and wildly violent. Some even describe how Gyrados can destroy entire cities. It doesn’t sound like much can be done to make Gyrados more docile, and if cities can be destroyed then it can be dangerous anywhere else.


Pokemon, Sharpedo, Dangerous

Sharpedo definitely doesn’t look friendly, and isn’t described as being so either. Classed as a Brutal Pokemon, Sharpedo can be found roaming the oceans around Hoenn. They are comparable to humans in height, and their mouth is a good part of that size.

The Pokedex entry for Sharpedo described the shark Pokemon as the bully of the sea, and that it can use its large mouth to tear apart a ship as big as a supertanker. Not only is Sharpedo powerful enough to do this kind of damage, their nature is to do it without any remorse. It’s no surprise then that Sharpedo has also been described as being a vicious and sly gangster.


Pokemon, Hydreigon, Dangerous

Like Sharpedo, Hydreigon is also classed as a Brutal Pokemon. Introduced during the fifth generation of games, the three heads of Hydreigon definitely makes them look like a force to be reckoned with.

The Pokedex entries for Hydreigon goes into detail on why they can be very dangerous. They don’t care who or what they attack, anything that moves is fair play, while another entry states that Hydreigon use their three heads to consume and destroy everything. It means that if you came across a Hydreigon, you probably don’t have a chance.


Pokemon, Kingdra, Dangerous

Kingdra was introduced in the second generation of games, becoming a third evolution in the Horsea and Seadra line. With a fairly average height and weight, Kingdra is one of the Pokemon where you can see how they are dangerous through their Pokedex entries.

Kingdra is described as being able to create whirlpools by yawning, as well as causing tornadoes when waking up.  While Kingdra are powerful attackers, it’s the destruction that they can inadvertently create by doing something as simple as yawning that makes them dangerous. You would definitely be safer around  around a Horsea or ten.


Pokemon, Dugtrio, Dangerous

Nicknamed the Mole Pokemon, Dugtrio evolves from Diglett while gaining a larger mass, even though it looks like they are 3 Digletts. Their power comes with their speed rather than their attack or defense stats, and their nature of being ground Pokemon has made them dangerous.

Their Pokedex entries in the original Pokemon games explain that they can be the cause of massive earthquakes when moving underground, as they can move at least 60 miles per hour. Like in other entries on the list, it is the earthquakes that can be dangerous, and since Dugtrio can be the cause of them it effectively makes them a dangerous Pokemon too.


Pokemon, Tyrantum, Dangerous

Tyrantum is only the second example on the list that was introduced in the Nintendo DS generation of games, and you can tell why it makes this list quickly. They are one of a few Pokemon that are based off a species of dinosaur, with Tyrantum being the equivalent of a Tyrannosaurus rex.

Their jaws are what makes them powerful, and their Pokedex entry states that thick plates of metal are like sheets of paper to them. It is no surprise that is also says that they were invincible in ancient times, and are no doubt a dangerous force in this modern period of time.


Pokemon, Entei, Dangerous

Entei is the last entry on the list, and is one of the few legendary Pokemon to be featured. One of the three legendary dogs in the second generation of Pokemon, Entei is a fire type that towers above most humans.

It is the Pokedex entries for Entei that makes him one of the most dangerous Pokemon in existence. Volcanoes erupt when Entei barks, and that it has issues with controlling the massive amount of power it holds. It also mentions that the fire that Entei can produce will consume anything that is hits, so you can expect the fire and magma to be potentially hotter than what most other Pokemon produce.

There were many other Pokemon that could have made it onto the list of the most dangerous Pokemon, and not all of them are legendary Pokemon either. If you have any opinions on the Pokemon chosen or if there is an obvious choice that has been left out, feel free to share them.

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