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Top 12 Best Browser Games on the Internet

The best browser games on the internet.

Sometimes you can’t boot up your favorite AAA game on Steam, Epic Games Store, or on your preferred console. Most likely, when you’re at work or in school. Well, fear not, because we’re here to run you through the best browser games on the internet that you should be checking out.

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Frog Fractions

browser, flash, game, best, fun, online, internet, mmorpg, frog fractions 2

Many flash/browser games are often played for a few seconds before something else catches your eye in the side-bar and you click away. The game you’re playing becomes lost in cyberspace. Not the case for Frog Fractions.

What begins as a simple game quickly evolves into an epic adventure filled with intrigue and ridiculousness. Talking about the game any further would spoil the grand adventure that awaits. So do yourself a favor and play it now.

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