Ark II Starring Vin Diesel Revealed at TGA Alongside a New Animated Series Featuring Russell Crowe

ark II

So who had an Ark sequel starring Vin Diesel on their TGA bingo card? Well you’re a winner because that is what was announced today during The Game Awards main show tonight.

The out of nowhere reveal was teased out over quite a long trailer that showcased a character played by Vin Diesel fighting it with some brute. What I can’t rule out is that the character isn’t literally Vin Diesel. That would make this announcement even more amazing.

In either case, after Vin Diesel and this jerk battle it out for a bit while other towns people watch, a T-Rex eventually pops out and starts chomping down on a few of the people there. The group escapes and Vin Diesel begins operating some futuristic tech giving away the reveal of Ark II. Check it out above.

If that wasn’t wild enough, an Ark II animated series was also announced. That also received a trailer that plays after the Ark II game trailer above. But here’s a look at some of the names that are signed on to voice characters. The series is slated to come out in 2022.

Yep not only is Vin Diesel also along for the ride, but Russell Crowe yes that Russell Crowe is going to be in the show as well. The TGAs are getting too predictable.

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