A Classic 2001 Stoner Comedy That Critics Loathed Is Currently Smoking the Competition

Get the Baby Powder ready.

The 2000s were a weird time when it came to comedy movies, as there were still a bunch of things that were seen as taboo in the public eye that were slowly gaining traction behind the scenes, most notably smoking marijuana. Due to this, there were a lot of films that released exploring the humor behind weed that were critically panned that are looked upon much more favorably these days.

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The 2001 classic How High is one of those titles, as what was seen as a film about two guys simply smoking weed is now remembered for its hilarious quotes and notable actors. To be exact, it follows our two main characters, Silas and Jamal, who manage to get into Harvard after smoking the ashes of one of their friends, as the magical pot gives them higher intelligence alongside getting high.

Interestingly enough, according to FlixPatrol, it seems that Hulu viewers are craving a hit of nostalgia for the movie themselves this Thanksgiving, as it has shot up to second place on the platform, just behind How the Grinch Stole Christmas as the top movies currently streaming. When it released back in 2001, How High was considerably divisive amongst critics and audiences, as it garnered a 26 percent critic score and a 79 percent audience score.

With such divisive scoring, we suggest you simply watch How High for yourself and see if you like it. Be careful, though; if you don’t watch it, Mike Epps might come out of nowhere and slap you with some baby powder.

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