Why Does Valorant Update So Slow? here's what you need to know

Why Does Valorant Update So Slow? Answered

If you're wondering why the Valorant update is so slow, here's what you need to know.

Riot Games has been releasing updates for Valorant on a biweekly cadence since 2020, bringing new content and balancing changes to the game. Some take longer to download and install than others, though, so if you’re wondering why the Valorant update is so slow and/or why you’re stuck on 45, then here’s what you need to know.

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Why Is Valorant Update Downloading Slowly? Answered

Valorant’s updates aren’t typically huge, but some are certainly larger in size than others. Often, if it’s an update that has come in tandem with a new Episode or new Act then it probably features a great volume of content than a typical patch. If there’s a new Agent or map included, you can almost guarantee if will take longer to install.

Speaking of install, that’s actually the keyword here because it’s worth noting that while the percentage might seem like the download rate, it’s actually the total install progress as well. So why is that relevant, exactly? Well, if you’re experiencing slow progress, this might be explained by the speed with which your computer –specifically, your HDD– is taking to process the installation of the game.

In our experience, those with SSD HDDs will download and install the game much faster than those with SATA HDDs. While there will certainly be some cases where slow server speeds, poor internet, and other connection issues will result in a slow download, it is far more often than the slow write speed of your HDDD is to blame.

So, what’s the solution? Well, short of buying and installing a faster HDD, there really isn’t one. Just sit tight and wait. More often than not, the download will read, say, 15%, and then it will suddenly jump to 85%. Basically, it doesn’t always show its progress in real-time, so just be patient!

Valorant Update Suck on 45 Explained

We’ve recently seen a trend that suggests many players are getting stuck on 45 when downloading the new update, which at the time of writing is Patch 6.05. Strangely, this isn’t a large update by any stretch, simply brings some bug fixes and refinements to Gekko’s utility. Quite why it’s taking so long to install for some is unusual and hard to explain — especially if installing updates isn’t typically a slow process on your PC. All we can think of is that it’s definitely stuck and you’ll need to pause and reboot your PC and internet connection before resuming.

That all being said, though, again, be patient as the Valorant install does sometimes temporarily get stuck on a number before jumping up to completion.

That does it for why the Valorant update is so slow and why it’s stuck at 45. For more guides and content on the game, keep it locked to Twinfinite. We recently previewed the newest map, Pearl, and we have an overview of everything in the latest battle pass.

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