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Where Does the Chainsaw Man Anime Leave Off? Answered

How far along are we again?

Shonen Anime typically has a start and stop point when airing, with some exceptions like One Piece. The same applies for newer Shonen pieces like Chainsaw Man, which aired around this time last year and ended right before the end of 2022. However, some people are confused on where exactly the Anime ended in terms of the series. So today, we’re answering where exactly the Chainsaw Man anime left off in the series.

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What Chapter In The Manga Did The Chainsaw Man Anime Leave Off At?

To be precise, the Chainsaw Man anime ended at Chapter 38 of the Manga, with the conclusion of the Katana Man Arc. The finale showcased the final battle between Denji and Katana Man, with Denji winning in the end. Having turned back into a human, Denji quickly ties up Katana Man, and soon after Aki arrives, Denji and he begin kicking Katana Man where it doesn’t grow back, showcasing the series’ dark humor.

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The episode ended with Denji meeting a new and mysterious girl, Reze, who will be an important character as we head into Season 2. With this, the anime is following “almost” the same exact path as the manga, and Season 2 should kick off with the Bomb Girl Arc.

However, if you can’t wait that long, you can catch up with the manga, starting with Chapter 39, as the anime ended in Chapter 38, as mentioned above.

That’s everything you need to know on what chapter did the Chainsaw Man anime leave off at in the series. For more Chainsaw Man content, check out our related posts below.

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