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Risk of Rain Returns Multiplayer – Is There Local & Online Co-op?

Gather your friends!

With 15 unlockable survivors it seems you have a lot of choice for putting together a decent team. But that does beg the question: does Risk of Rain Returns have local and online co-op? Let’s find out!

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Can You Play Risk of Rain in Local and Online Co-Op?

risk of rain returns
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Risk of Rain Returns is still embraces the same roguelike gameplay you know and love, but is completely remastered and brings modern multiplayer capabilities to the original title. This means Risk of Rain absolutely does have both local and online multiplayer options. Said multiplayer allows between two and four players in a party, with each member able to choose any one of the 15 classes from Commander to the new Drifter character.

Online and local play means you will be able to play locally with friends in your own living room or join up with them from different spaces anywhere in the world.

Joining an online game is a really straightforward process in Risk of Rain Returns too. All you need to do is send or accept an invite, gather the party in a lobby, and load into the game together.

Is There Cross-Play for Risk of Rain Returns?

risk of rain returns
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Unfortunately, there is no news on whether we will ever enjoy cross-play between PC and console players in Risk of Rain Returns. No cross-play is available between PC and Nintendo Switch. The game is not available on consoles other than the Switch, and there is no new info on whether it will be in the future. We can at least guess from previous titles like Risk of Rain 2 that if further console gaming is made available, we almost certainly won’t get to see cross-play in action.

So now you know you can play with friends online or from our own sofa in Risk of Rain Returns! For more hints and tips, you can find further guides tied to the game below.

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