How to get WALL-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How To Get WALL-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to get WALL-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Characters of Disney Dreamlight Valley have various skills that can be useful for different activities within the game. In particular, WALL-E is one of the most helpful members of the group that can assist you with quests and gardening. So, if you want to know how to get WALL-E, we’ll explain each step you need to take to successfully recruit him to the Valley.

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Getting WALL-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley

When you clear the pathway to Dream Castle in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll have the option to open WALL-E’s realm by talking to Merlin or using Dreamlight. But, since this character’s mission involves many tasks, we’ll help you along the way with this step-by-step guide:

  1. Unlock WALL-E’s doorway at Dream Castle.

    Opening WALL-E's doorway

  2. Clear the path to get to WALL-E.

    Entering WALL-E's realm

  3. Find WALL-E’s Track.

    After you speak to WALL-E, you’ll need to search for his Track in one of the broken refrigerators.WALL-E's Track

  4. Use the Crafting Table to build Trash Cubes.

    Players must clear out the debris around the area to collect fallen items in order to craft the Trash Cube.

  5. Give the Trash Cubes to WALL-E.

  6. Plant eight Special Seeds and water them.

    You can find several seeds in the realm by digging sparkling spots or gathering them from broken refrigerators. Helping WALL-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  7. Go back to Dreamlight Valley to ask Merlin about WALL-E.

    To make WALL-E feel more at home, you must get a few collectibles before recruiting him to the land.

  8. Get the Fire Extinguisher from Scrooge McDuck.

    Scrooge McDuck will only give you the Fire Extinguisher if you exchange a couple of Garnets, which can be mined from black rocks at Peaceful Meadow and the Plaza. Making a deal with Scrooge McDuck in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  9. Talk to Mickey Mouse and Goofy.

  10. Grab the ball at Mickey’s house.

    Grabbing the ball in WALL-E's quest

  11. Fish for the Sprout Boot at the Peaceful Meadow.

    Players must target gold ripples of water to find the unique item.Fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley

  12. Go back to WALL-E’s realm and give him the objects.

  13. Place WALL-E’s home in Dreamlight Valley.

    Once you put down WALL-E’s home in the Furniture tab, you must give Scrooge McDuck 2,000 Star Coins to bring the character to the realm.Recruiting WALL-E to Dreamlight Valley

If you’ve completed WALL-E’s quest, you’ll be able to open up his garden at Peaceful Meadow to gather various ingredients. Additionally, the character will automatically water the crops in this area, making it easier to collect items for recipes.

We hope this guide has helped you in your quest to get WALL-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Before you go, you can check out more content about the game by looking at our guide about how to get Moana and viewing any of the relevant links below.

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