Genshin Impact An Unwavering Culinary Dream World Quest Guide

Genshin Impact An Unwavering Culinary Dream World Quest Guide

Help the creatures of Sumeru in An Unwavering Culinary Dream World Quest.

Genshin Impact’s An Unwavering Culinary Dream World Quest is an intricate series of tasks that requires you to aid the creatures of Sumeru. However, since it is a reasonably long journey, we’ve put together this guide that explains everything you must do to complete this mission.

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How To Complete An Unwavering Culinary Dream

An Unwavering Culinary Dream Quest in Genshin Impact
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An Unwavering Culinary Dream in Genshin Impact will be unlocked once you finish enough missions in the Aranyaka quests at Vanarana. A few mystical creatures will ask you to help find Arachatora, Arasaka, Arapas, and Araphala to prepare them for the upcoming Festival Utsava. Each of them has been training in the art of cooking and will need your skills to create some dishes.

How To Find Arachatora & Arasaka

As you make your way to the designated area on the map, you’ll come across Arachatora, who needs to be healed by one of your Dendro users (you can go to the Statue of The Seven to change the Traveler’s element.) Once the Traveler saves him, they must find a cooking ingredient to advance further in the mission. You can check out our guide on how to get the Head Mushroom to help you with this part of the story.

As a result, you’ll unlock the rest of the waypoints for the remaining characters you need to find, including the location of Arasaka. Those who need assistance with this quest can look at our guide on how to find Arasaka and achieve his mission, Cooking, a Pleasant Memory.

How To Complete Cooking, the Aroma of Homecoming Quest

Arapas' mission in An Unwavering Culinary Dream
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The next step in the Genshin Impact quest, An Unwavering Culinary Dream, is to look for Arachatora’s brother, Arapas. First, players must go to the creature’s waypoint on the map and head towards a cliff with a cooking pot. Eventually, he will appear after Traveler and Paimon eat his soup and ask them to get him something called the “Living Spring.”

All you’ll need to do is drop down to the waterfall and fight off a couple of enemies, where you’ll see a bright spot with an arrow. Then, players will have to approach this illuminated area and gather the Living Spring to give it to Arapas in order to create the meal he desires.

Helping Arasaka in Genshin Impact
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How To Complete Cooking, the Beauty of Sharing Quest

Araphala in Genshin Impact
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The last Aranara you need to help in the An Unwavering Culinary Dream quest is Araphala. You can find him inside a crater, in which you can see a pillar of smoke from a cooking pot and a large enemy. Players must follow a trail of fruit to get to the mystical being’s location when they go deeper into the crater.

As time progresses, you must wake Araphala up by using a Dendro attack against him and proceed to defeat the enemy outside if you haven’t already. After this, you’ll go back to Vanarana and finish the mission.

That’s everything you need to know about An Unwavering Culinary Dream World Quest. If you want to check out more Genshin Impact content, you can look at the relevant links below and view our guide on where to get Luminescent Pollen.

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