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All Saints Row Collectibles Locations (Small, Medium, Large & Wall)

Here are all of the Saints Row Collectibles locations.

In Saints Row, there are a boatload of interesting things to do outside of just playing the main story missions. You can cruise around with friends, complete fun side missions, and explore all that Santo Ileso has to offer. For all of you home decor fans out there, though, you’ll definitely want to make finding items throughout the map that let you decorate The Church your top priority. Here is everything you need to know about all Saints Row small, medium, large, and wall collectibles locations.

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How to Pick Up & Place Collectibles in Saints Row

The nice part about the collectibles is that you’ll be able to find them on the map, as indicated by yellow symbols. All you have to do to collect them for your HQ is take a picture of them. Once taken, you’ll be able to swap out what goes where in The Church by interacting with them.

This becomes active – or at least known to the player – after playing the Office Decor mission. Now that you know how to pick up and place these items, let’s get into where each one of these small, medium, large, and wall collectibles are actually located.

Small Collectible Locations

Item NameLocationUnlock Requirements/Description
Anchor SculptureMarina WestOn a dock on Lake Sabastian near La Playa resort.
Ancient VaseBadlands NorthA trucker’s double-wide east of the Flats. With the trash by the porch.
As Seen on TV KnifeStory ProgressionIt slices and dices for only six payments of $19.99.
CabbitOld Town EastIn a storage unit at U-Store. In a long building toward the north end.
Cactus FlowerMercadoAcross from the main entrance of Plaza de Verano. Planted among the flowers.
Cactus SantaRojas Desert SouthIn the desert east of Cranston Dam. At the base of the cell tower.
Centerpiece BowlLake Sebastian (Island)On a barrel inside a metal building on the heights.
Classy FlamingoWest ProvidenciaBetween the front doors of a small stuco duplex. Number 217.
Go-Kart TrophyBusiness VenturePony Express reward.
Golden ShitterEast ProvidenciaIn the trash pile behind Gimnasio. Near the train car.
HelmMercadoAt the terrace on the lakefront. Under one of the pergolas.
Hoverboard TrophyBusiness VentureEurekabator reward.
Hummingbird CodexStory ProgressionStolen from the Idol’s yatch.
MarbleMonte VistaIn front of a mansion with a helipad overlooking Old Town.
Model PlaneBadlands SouthIn a small lack north of the Lone Wolf Motel on Route 66.
Oversized BulletLakeshore NorthIn a small outdoor dining area near the waterfront.
Painted KegRojas Desert NorthIn an old ghost town by the river. Near the mill’s side door.
Planet Saints PedestalBuiness VentureComplete Planet Saints.
Planetary ModelWest FlatsOn top of the Vector Science Center. By the Stillwater Canal.
Poker ChipsEl DoradoOutside Apollo’s Coffee. At the bus stop.
Ramparts Plush ToySmelterville EastIn front of Ramparts BBQ. Between the umbrellas.
Scorpion StatueSmelterville WestOver the front door of the Scorpion factory. Under Panteros graffiti.
Silver ObeliskBadlands NorthDue south of a lone trailer. One the north slope of a rugged hillside.
Singing BushBadlands SouthOn an island in the Rio Salinas south of the lake. Near a cell tower.
Space ShipRojas Desert NorthIn shallow water at the foot of a mesa. On Route 66.
The Great Banana Lakeshore SouthBetween Cicada Wireless and Drug Tsar. Near Lakeshore North.
The Worthy HammerBadlands SouthPower lines pass through a dry lake bed with a stranded rowboat.
Toxic Waste BarelBusiness VentureBright Future Disposal reward.

Medium Collectible Locations

Item NameLocationUnlock Requirements/Description
Bowling Balls and PinsWest FlatsIn front of the Joy of Bowling. At the entrance to the parking lot.
Brewery TankSmelterville WestBy the Olde Steel bottling plant. Where the road curves along the lake.
Bronze ArmEast FlatsAt the south entrance of Meeker Mall. Outside of the Swole Hole.
Bronze BuffaloLakeshore SouthOn a corner south of Jasinski Pavilion. Near Marsh Brothers.
Bronze FeatherMarina WestIn the boulevard median near Liechtenauers. Between two points.
Bug StatueWest ProvidenciaOn to of the auto parts store by the overpass. Across from RS Gas.
Caca CabanaStory ProgressionRescue Kev from the Idols.
Cactus JackStory ProgressionMission reward.
Carrot HeadMonte VistaWith his veggie family at the Farmer’s Market.
Cemetary AngelEast ProvidenciaIn front of the cemetery building. South of the memorial wall.
City Hall FountainOld Town WestIn the fountain in front of Saint Ileso City Hall.
CompassMarina WestAt the School of Architecture and Design. In the courtyard.
Cow StatueStory ProgressionMission reward.
D20Business VentureCastle Kraken completion reward.
Doc Ketchum’s HorseBoot HillComplete all Boot Hill missions/objectives.
Dustlander ThroneStory ProgressionMission reward.
Flower Spur StatueMarina WestOn the corner across from the School of Architecture and Design.
Gas PumpEl DoradoBy the garage door of Auto Service Repair Center. South of Busted Flush.
Gatling GunStory ProgressionMission reward.
Gold Disc Golf BasketMonte VistaOn a green at Woodbrush Country Club. Near the parking lot.
Golden ArmadilloLakeshore SouthBehind Jasinki Library. By the pedestrian overpass.
Golden Helmet StatueEast FlatsOn top of a ticket booth. Across the street from the stadium
Golden StagMercadoIn the plaza behind the Summer Square Hotel. Near the offramp.
Golden UrinalBadlands NorthIn a pile of rubble near the Frontier’s north gate. By the excavator.
Guitar Guy StatueMercadoOn top of the Note Pad’s guitar sign. Down the block from the Public Library.
Horse SculptureClothingGet your ass in some chaps (clothing store).
I Heart Santo IlesoLakeshore SouthOn the south end of the Canyon Plaza. Street level.
Interstellar Phone BoothBusiness VentureLaundromat reward.
JackalopeRojas Desert SouthIn front of Ringers. Between the giant fork and tacosaurus.
KnightEl DoradoIn front of the Lancelot Casino. By the north gate of the El Dorado strip.
Mechaburger StandSmelterville EastA scenic overlook with a view of the highway. By the vending machines.
Metal Jackalope SculptureSmelterville WestIn the park behind the Civic Center. Near the footbridge.
Metal Sun Man StatueRojas Desert NorthAt the Sidewinder Creek scenic overlook. By a large cactus.
Mine CartLake Sebastian (Island)On the rail in a mine underground.
Nuke MountBusiness VentureThe Big One reward.
PianoRojas Desert SouthNext to Ringers. Inside the Old West church.
Saddle Bar StoolBadlands SouthOutside the Jackknife Cafe. Under a giant cow skull.
Shoe LightEl DoradoIn the boulevard median between the Aztec and Southern Stars.
Space SuitBusiness VentureLet’s Pretend reward.
Swan FloatEl DoradoIn an empty lap pool at the abandoned water park. By the tallest water slide.
The TurdisOld Town WestBehind Escobarista Cafe across the street from Friendly Fire.
Topiary PigsSmelterville WestIn the courtyard of Frank’s 80/20 Brewery. Next to an arched door
Train SignalSmelterville EastBehind International Sail Storage. Where the tracks split by a train yard.
Training DummyBusiness VentureFirst Strike reward.
Vat of FabulousBusiness VentureCutting Edge reward.
Western Golden CannonStory ProgressionUnlocked during Office Decor mission.
Wormy AppleStory ProgressionMission reward.

Large Collectible Locations

Item NameLocationUnlock Requirements/Description
Atlas StatueLake Sabastian (Island)At the end of a raised road by a Boot Hill sign
Cactus CowboyBadlands SouthOn Route 66 in the hills southeast of El Dorado.
Captain Eagle StatueRojas Desert SouthOn a small mesa with Lady Liberty. South of Cranston.
Devil’s EggDLCDLC reward.
Giant Golf BallMonte VistaIn front of Woodbrush Country Club. At the parking lot entrance.
Grisly BearOld Town EastIn a corner parking lot next to “Keep it Strange, Santo” mural.
Ice Cream StatueIce Cream StorePurchase the Ice Cream outfit.
JimRob StatueBusiness VentureJimRob’s reward.
KAKTS Radio TowerBusiness VentureRadio Station reward.
Liquor BottleWest ProvidenciaOn top of El Pequeno Gran Bar. Under the overpass.
Lit ChickDLCUnlocks with DLC.
Metal CoyoteRojas Desert NorthIn front of Twin Coyote Arcade on Route 66.
Metal RabbitEl DoradoOn a corner across from Bikini Atoll. By a giant rainbow eighth note.
Metal VultureOld East TownIn a corner parking lot next a “Keep it Strange, Santo” mural.
Novelty Cowboy HatLakeshore NorthIn a small park north of the Star-Register rooftop globe.
Oversized bootStory ProgressionMission reward.
Owl WindmillBadlands SouthOn the other side of Route 66 from the Tower of Love.
Saint DiscordiaBusiness VentureSaints Skyscraper
Thunderpump SignRojas Desert SouthIn front of the Thunderpump gas station across from Ringers.
TirepedeMercadoOn the corner behind the Public Library. With a view of the lake.
Triceratops SkullLakeshore NorthIn the gardens outside the Museum of Santo Ileso.
Western ChuckwagonBadlands NorthIn a ghost town. Near a brick building with bars on the windows.
WindmillEast FlatsAt Das Bayerische Hotel. North of Crazy Chicken Dance Studio.

Wall Collectible Locations

Item NameLocationUnlock Requirements/Description
Bear RugBadlands NorthOn the porch of a house in a ghost town. South of an old church.
Calico Queen SignEl DoradoAt the end of the Lake Sabastian pier. On the river boat.
Campfire SilhouetteLakeshore NorthUnder the Star-Register globe. Facing the Coyote Rodeo.
Cat HerderOld Town WestAcross from a Joe Cola mural near the entrance of a street festival.
Chalupacabra SignBusiness VentureChalupacabra reward.
El Bar Visual SignEast ProvidenciaSouth of St. Thomas Corvacho. Near the water tower.
Fanciful MapBadlands NorthInside a metal shed. Due north of the Frontier’s north gate.
Fox Tails SignEl DoradoOn a building south of the east gate of the El Dorado strip.
Route 66 SignRojas Desert SouthAt a roadside scenic overlook just east of town.
Shady Oaks SignBusiness VentureShady Oaks reward.
Sofa King SignEast FlatsOn the derelict Sofa King Building. By the lake.
The Varmin SignEl DoradoOn a casino near the east gate of the El Dorado strip.
Tipsy Lizard SignOld Town WestOn the Tipsy Lizard. On a street blocked off to vehicle traffic.
Wanted PosterWanted AppWanted reward.
Wuzyerz Repo YardBusiness Venture Wuzyerz Repo reward.

That is everything you need to know about all Saints Row small, medium, large, and wall collectibles locations. For more helpful tips and tricks for the game, be sure to search Twinfintie.

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