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15 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Xbox One Player in Your Life

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15 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Xbox One Player in Your Life

Plenty of ideas to keep them happy.

perfect xbox gifts for xbox fans this 2016 holiday

Xbox Live – In order to fuel their online gaming, and bag them a bunch of free games a year, a 12 month Xbox Live Gold subscription is a great gift that’ll go down a treat with Xbox gamers.
Xbox Credit – With more and more games releasing as digital downloads, any amount of Xbox Credit will allow gamers to download them straight onto their Xbox One.

games make great xbox gifts as well. Gears 4, As one of this year’s biggest blockbuster titles, brings the gritty and gruesome action of the series back for another round. A must for shooter fans.
Forza Horizon 3 – While Gears of War 4 is great, it’s not quite suitable for younger players. Forza Horizon 3 offers a racing alternative and is also one of the best-rated games to release this year.
DesignLab controller – Get them a controller that’ll be unique to them with Xbox’s recently-opened Design Lab. Make it their favorite color/ colors and add their Gamertag or a message for a truly personal touch.


Console skins – While the Xbox One looks great, it could look a little bit cooler if it was repping a cool design. There are plenty of Xbox One skins out there whatever your preferences.
Headset – If they play online a lot, you might want to consider grabbing a better headset than just the simple chat ones. Turtle Beach have a ton of different headsets  at different price points depending on what you want from it. You can check out the full range here.
Gift Cards – While picking up gift cards may seem impersonal, it also ensures that they can get exactly what they want or at least have something towards a more expensive item.

xbox gifts for the less console-focused:

Artwork- Around the internet you can actually find some incredibly cool and stylish bits of artwork from pretty much every big video game series. This is a particularly cool minimalist Master Chief print, perfect for an Xbox gamer.

xbox gifts for the collector:

Collectibles – Gamers love collectibles as a means of showing their love for their favorite game or company. While some statues can only be gotten in large collector’s editions, other smaller figures and alternatives can be purchased separately for a lot of big titles… Or if you want to be really out there, you can get a Master Chief motorcycle helmet!
Accessories – Accessories are incredibly handy for a gamer, yet are often overlooked. There are tons of small accessories such as Play & Charge Kits and new thumb grips for their controller. They may seem small, but they’ll certainly be appreciated.
Phone case – There’s no better way to show your love for Xbox or one of its exclusive franchises than covering the back of your phone in a sleek design. Be it Gears of War, Halo, or Overwatch, there’s an option out there so you can show your passion with pride. these are xbox gifts that can be used everywhere.
Pre-orders for upcoming anticipated titles – If they’ve caught up with all of this year’s releases, and have a bunch of other bits from this list of ideas, you can always pay for upcoming titles in full. There’s no better feeling than getting a game you’re really looking forward to as a gift, and they’re sure to appreciate the thought.
EA Access subscription – The EA Access subscription allows paying customers the ability to get early access to some EA titles, play a bunch of games for free, and a 10% discount on EA digital purchases. If they’re often buying EA games, this might be a cheap but effective gift idea.
clothing – Whether you’re a Gears of War fan or dedicated to the UNSC cause in Halo, there are plenty of different hoodies, t-shirts, and more for you to style yourself out in and show the rest of the world just what your jam is.

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