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What’s Really at the Center of No Man’s Sky? Here’s 9 Possibilities

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What’s Really at the Center of No Man’s Sky? Here’s 9 Possibilities

Please don’t just be a congratulations sign.

No Man’s Sky is right around the corner and it has plenty of players getting ready to solve its biggest mystery: what exactly lies at the center of its vast universe? While Hello Game’s upcoming space game is all about exploration and discovery, the center of the universe is everyone’s shared goal.

Of course, the goal isn’t just to reach that center, it’s to find out exactly what lies there. The developers managed to keep the core of their universe a secret so that it can serve as the driving force of your journey from some unknown planet to the holy grail of space exploration.

Since we have absolutely no idea what may lie in the center, we’ve decided to make a few guesses at just what it might be.

It wouldn’t be unheard of for players to haphazardly make their way towards the middle of No Man’s Sky’s universe with little care for the worlds and life that crossed their path. We all just want to see what secret Hello Games placed there, taunting us with its teasing presence. But what if it was all just a test? A means of finding out what limits we’d go to in order to see something first. Would we cast aside morality, rush, or take our time? The game can answer that question for us when we finally reach its center.

This isn’t exactly an old trick, and plenty of media loves to use it. What if, at the end of that impossibly long journey, there’s nothing but a door that leads us back to the start? Of course it wouldn’t be a fresh start, instead we’d have everything we learned and perhaps a new goody to take along just like Roland Deschain in the Dark Tower novels.

Come on, you know some of you thought of this at least once. Here we are, journeying to the center of the universe from our starting points near its edge. What could No Man’s Sky possibly be leading us towards? While Earth, or at the very least a form of the Milky Way, may seem superficial, it would be an easy way to tie our own world to this fantastic universe. It wouldn’t be too far-fetched for beasts and atmospheres to start resembling those we are more familiar with as we inch closer to that distant goal.

Each player starts out on a random planet with nothing but a ship and their multi-purpose tool/weapon thing. What if the exploration we all dive into is really just a quest to get home? It wouldn’t be too far of a stretch, and it would also make sense since it’s everyone’s shared goal. To get to this place that has a sort of pull on us, a place that we know means something but can’t quite put our finger on.

Some exploration-heavy games provide closes that cause you to look back on your existence in a new light. In some ways they are almost religious in a way, providing an epiphany to players that took nothing more than a little digital nudge to bring to the forefront. The cold expanse of space is a perfect setting for reflection, the center of this dark universe could be the knot that ties it all together, No Man’s Sky’s very own nirvana.

As you explore the universe, you’ll be free to do almost anything you want to do. Of course, there are consequences to your actions and these are enforced by the Sentinels. It would be fitting if the power behind the Sentinels, the person or conglomerate that pulls their mechanical strings, waited for you at the end.

Hello Games created a drastically different game before they set out to create No Man’s Sky. That game was Joe Danger, and you played a little stunt-man just trying to make his big break in the world of film. Perhaps his big break is waiting there for us in the center, or at least an arcade where we can try to help him out all over again.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting their chance to dive into No Man’s Sky’s vast universe. But, as we wait to journey towards its center, we’ve all been imagining grand set-pieces, and huge revelations to be waiting for us. Perhaps Hello Games predicted this and decided to provide something so simple, it will catch us all completely off guard. It would be the perfect way to force players to sit down and reflect upon themselves and their place in the universe we all call home.

It would be a bittersweet discovery to journey across all that space, travelling light-years, only to be greeted by soothing music and the credits as they scroll across our screen.


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