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Meet the Voice Actors of Resident Evil 3’s Voice Cast

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Meet the Voice Actors of Resident Evil 3’s Voice Cast

The next remade chapter in Capcom’s iconic survival horror franchise is here, and it introduces one of the series’ most recognizable antagonists. Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis is seriously spooky, which is something conveyed with terrifying authenticity by superb voice acting talent across the entire cast. Here we’re going to run through the voice actors of Resident Evil 3’s voice cast who do such a great job.

Meet the Voice Actors of Resident Evil 3’s Voice Cast

Nicole Tompkins – Jill Valentine

Nicole Tompkins plays the role of Jill Valentine for the first time in the Resident Evil series, and we’re hoping this won’t be the last — she does a terrific job breathing new life into the character.

<br><br>Tompkins only other credit in the gaming industry is as Idril in Shadow of Mordor, with most of her experience centered around TV series and theatre. You may remember her from Grey’s Anatomy for her performance as Amber.

Jeff Schine – Carlos Oliviera – Voice Actors of Resident Evil 3’s Voice Cast

Fans of Resident Evil should be pleased with Carlos’s new makeover in the latest remake. And he’s more than just better looking, too — Carlos is more interesting this time around, and that’s largely thanks to a great performance from Jeff Schine.

Schine has been involved with AAA video game productions several times before, including Kingdom Hearts, Red Dead Redemption 2, Just Cause 4, and more. These, however, have only been minor roles. He takes center stage as Carlos, and we’re looking forward to hearing more from him moving forward.

Neil Newbon – Nicholai Ginovaef

The nefarious Nicholai is a man who’s out for himself first and foremost, and Neil Newbon does a splendid job of conveying that in Resident Evil 3 Remake with a top-notch performance. Newbon isn’t a Salvic actor as his accent in RE3 would suggest, actually hailing from the UK. That’s perhaps why you wouldn’t necessarily pick out his voice from We Happy Few (Nick Lightbearer) or Final Fantasy Kingsglaive (Petra Fortis).

William Hope – Nathaniel Bard / Mikhail Victor

William Hope demonstrates his talents in Resident Evil 3 Remake by playing two notable characters: the U.B.C.S Squad Leader Mikhail Victor, and Dr. Nathaniel Bard. To do so, he calls on 40 years of experience across film, television, and video games. Do you remember Lieutenant Gorman from Aliens? That was Hope. Otherwise, Senator Hawes from Deep State might be another more recent performance you recognize.

Sterling Suliman – Tyrell Patrick – Voice Actors of Resident Evil 3’s Voice Cast

Tyrell, or T as he’s called by Carlos, is played by Sterling Suliman, an American actor who hails from Hawaii. While Suliman did play Louis in The Walking Dead’s final season, he’s better known for roles in TV shows like Still Star-Crossed (Prince Escalus), Sex and Love Conspired to Destroy the World (Charlie), and The Vampire Diaries (Harper).

Darren O’Hare – Brad Vickers 

Brad Vickers is a big part of Resident Evil lore, even if he never quite takes center stage. He’s back again in the remade version of the third game, but we’ll leave it to you to see how he fairs. Darren O’Hare voices the character this time around, an American actor who played Adult Lasky in the Halo 4: Forward Until Dawn mini-series and Thomas Lasky in Halo 4. Other notable roles include narrating television series such as Killer Contact and Yukon Men.

Ken Lally – Robert Kendo

There’s a cool easter egg for those who played Resident Evil 2 Remake with the appearance of Robert Kendo, owner of the local gun shop. It’s only brief, but anybody who has played the previous games will surely be hit in the feels. Ken Lally reprises his role, an American actor

David Cockman – Nemesis – Meet the Voice Actors of Resident Evil 3’s Voice Cast

We could hardly write an article about Resident Evil 3’s voice actors and not tip our hats to the grunting and roaring of David Cockman as Nemesis. Essentially, we just wanted to let you know that it’s Cockman’s voice bellowing STARS, so you have someone to blame for all the changes of underwear! The man, the myth, the legend has no other acting credits we can find.

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That concludes our article on the voice actors of Resident Evil 3’s voice cast.

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