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Here Are Valkyria Chronicles 4’s Voice Actors & Voice Cast

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Here Are Valkyria Chronicles 4’s Voice Actors & Voice Cast

Think a voice in Valkyria Chronicles 4 sounds familiar? Here are all Valkyria Chronicles 4’s voice actors and voice cast.

Valkyria Chronicles 4’s Voice Actors & Voice Cast

Max Mittelman as Claude Wallace

Max Mittelman has been very active in anime and video games over the last few years. You might recognize him best as the voice of Ryuji in Persona 5 or Saitama in One Punch Man. Mittelman plays the role of Claude Wallace, the main character of the story and the leader of Squad-E.

Kayli Mills as Riley Miller

Kayli Mills is best known for her work in anime, where she’s played some pretty big roles like Emilia in Re: Zero, Runa in Kakegurui, and Miyuu in Occultic;Nine. She plays the role of Riley Miller in Valkyria Chronicles 4. Riley is another main character of the story and childhood friend of Claude, Raz, and Kai.

Greg Chun as Raz

The hotheaded Raz is one of the more standout characters of Valkyria Chronicles 4, both for his good and bad qualities. The character is played by Greg Chun, who’s played an incredibly diverse array of characters in gaming. You might recognize him as Winston in Overwatch, Alfyn in Octopath Traveler, or Adam in NieR: Automata.

Erica Mendez as Kai Schulen

Erica Mendez has been an active voice actress in games and anime for years, all the way back to when she played Haruka Tenoh and Sailor Uranus in the original Sailor Moon. She’s also played roles like Akko in Little Witch Academia and Melissa Shield in the film My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes. In Valkyria Chronicles 4 she plays Kai, the expert sniper in Squad-E.

Kira Buckland as Angelica Farnaby

In terms of JRPGs, you’ll probably immediately recognize Kira Buckland as the voice of 2B in NieR: Automata, who she also cosplayed. Outside of that, however, she’s also voiced Jibanyan in the Yo-Kai Watch show and Izumo in Blue Exorcist, among other things. Buckland plays Angelica “Angie,” a mysterious girl that befriends the main cast.

Alexis Tipton as Minerva Victor

Yet another longtime voice actor in anime and video games. Alexis Tipton has been the voice actress for Trunks and Gotenks since Dragon Ball Z Kai. You might also recognize her as Komaru in Danganronpa 3, or as Yuko in Yuri on Ice. In Valkyria Chronicles 4 she plays Minerva, the leader of Squad-F and a major character.

Lucien Dodge as Forseti

Lucien Dodge has a long list of acting credits in games and anime, recently playing Amuro Ray in the Gundam: The Origin movies. For Valkyria Chronicles 4 he plays the complex character of Forseti, one of the game’s villains and major characters.

Veronica Taylor as Crymaria Raven

Veronica Taylor is one of those voices you’ve probably heard for years and not even known it, because she was the original voice for Ash Ketchum in Pokemon. She’s played a long list of other roles too, like Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy. She plays the role of Crymaria, a villain and Valkyria that possesses dangerous magical power.

Ray Chase as Klaus Waltz

Ray Chase has had a huge rise to prominence in voice acting over the last few years, thanks in no small part to his role as Noctis in Final Fantasy XV. He also played Marlon in The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Chase plays Klaus Walz, one of the central villains and leader of the tank platoon Ausbruch.

Christopher Corey Smith as Belgar

Christopher Corey Smith is best known for his role as The Joker in all iterations of the LEGO games. However, he’s also played the role of Kite in Hunter x Hunter and Blatto in Phineas and Ferb. In Valkyria Chronicles 4 he once again plays a villain with the role of Belgar, the game’s main antagonist.

Chris Hackney as Miles Arbeck

Chris Hackney has had quite a few roles in video games and anime with his standout performances being Athrun Zala in Gundam Seed and Seed Destiny, Gustav in The Seven Deadly Sins, and Francis Fitzgerald in Bungou Stray Dogs. Hackney plays Miles, a member of Squad-E and driver of the Hafen.

Michael Sorich as Roland Morgan

Michael Sorich has a vast array of different acting credits, but you might recognize him most recently as Whisper in Yo-Kai Watch, Takahashi in Ajin, or the Tech Chief in Monster Hunter World. Sorich plays the role of Roland Morgan, captain of the Federation ship the Centurion.

That’s the voice cast and voice actors of Valkyria Chronicles 4. If you’re looking for more info and maybe even some tips on the game, you can take a look at our extensive wiki guide.

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