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Top 25 Best Overwatch League Skins to Get Before the Esports Event Ends

Overwatch League

Top 25 Best Overwatch League Skins to Get Before the Esports Event Ends

Time to stock up on League Tokens.

With this Overwatch League skin, Pharah can dive into the battlefield wearing another Gundam-looking combat suit.


Junkrat looks explosive in this blue and yellow in this Boston Uprising skin.


D.Va is looking like a professional gamer herself with this sleek new skin.


Granny Ana still showing that she has impeccable taste in fashion with these red and yellow highlights.


Roadhog looks pretty cute with this baby blue and orange palette swap. The tattoo on his belly also makes it pretty clear which team you’re supporting.


Look out, Moira! Soldier: 76 is ready to steal your title as the resident Hokage with this Overwatch League skin.


The black and green color scheme really help accentuate Doomfist’s sinister side.


Junkrat’s looking ready to cause a lot more mayhem with his ultramarine-shaded shorts and bombs.


Tracer looks exceptionally stunning while dressed in her team’s colors.


While the Winter Wonderland event may be over, Genji’s newest skin shows that he’s still got the holiday spirit.


Sombra looks slicker than ever with her signature purple color scheme mixed with tins of black.


Roadhog’s ready to explore any jungle with those camo green pants and golden mask.


McHanzo? More like McDonalds.


Reinhardt is ready to be your shield with his striking Dallas Fuel Overwatch League skin.


For an angelic character, Mercy sure knows how to wear black wonderfully well.


Can the cowboy look any classier? McCree’s latest skin shows the fine difference between a boy and a real man.


Tracer proves that she can work with orange colors while sporting a beige bomber jacker in this Overwatch League skin.


Mei is rocking the red and yellow colors of her Shanghai Dragons team.


Zenyatta’s ready to throw out those Discord Orbs with his Halloween-esque Houston Outlaws skin.


While this skin might not look as intimidating as his other costumes, it’s pretty interesting to see how Reaper looks good in his rival’s signature colors.


With this costume, Orisa looks like a big mascot for those fast food chains.


Lucio is looking like the life of the party with his new skin. The black and green colors make him seem like some underground DJ.


Both dark and light blue colors mesh really well with Zenyatta’s Boston Uprising skin.


Symmetra appearing a bit more devilish than usual with the purple and black color swap.


The orange suit makes Winston seem like a real astronaut, which is quite fitting lore-wise.

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