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Top 25 Best Nintendo 3DS Games of All Time


Top 25 Best Nintendo 3DS Games of All Time

Lots to take on the go.

Top 25 best nintendo 3ds games of all time

Intelligent Systems is definitely best known for games like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, but they also brought us the adorable little puzzle game Pushmo. The title has you playing as a little round sumo character, who can push and pull blocks in multiple directions, having to create a path to the top. It almost plays similarly to something like Catherine, and its smart puzzles combined with cute aesthetic make it one of the most charming games on the system.

Kirby may take a backseat to the big series like Mario and Zelda at times, but the pink puffball has seen numerous strong releases in recent years. Probably the best out of all of those is Planet Robobot, which applies a twist on Kirby by giving him a mech suit, yes a mech suit. Planet Robobot brings a ton of charm, and has a smart way of integrating the new mechanic with traditional Kirby gameplay. It’s easily one of the best platformers available on the handheld.

Donkey Kong Country Returns brought the series back in a big way on the Wii, with a surprisingly challenging platforming title. The 3DS port may be compromised a tiny bit visually, but gameplay-wise it’s just as great of an experience. There’s also a new mode that makes the game a little easier, and an entirely new world not found in the Wii version. This makes the 3DS game a great title for newcomers or fans to return to.

The Zero Escape games are some of the most unique and compelling visual novels out there, pitting a group of characters into a deadly game created by the mysterious “Zero.” Virtue’s Last Reward is technically a sequel to the previous game 999, but it functions well as a standalone game as well. With some fascinating storytelling and unique mechanics that tie into that story, Virtue’s Last Reward is a wholly unique experience on 3DS.

Monster Hunter found a great home on the 3DS, and by far the strongest title on the system is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Ultimate really is an example of simply expanding on an already great formula. With tons of quests and monsters, new and unique weapons, and a great presentation on a handheld, it’s easily one of the most compelling Monster Hunter entries yet.

Fire Emblem saw a trio of great entries on the 3DS, but Fates is the one that tried to be most different. Fates is split into three different titles; Birthright, Conquest, and Revelation. These three entries each tell a different story, but each is a full-fledged game on its own. Despite version differences, Fates manages to be a memorable Fire Emblem experience filled with memorable characters.

Fire Emblem Awakening is a game that actually saved its franchise, while integrally redefining what Fire Emblem is about. The strategy at the core is the same, but drastic new features like unit pairing, overhauled support relationships, and more emphasis on character development, make Awakening a freshly unique experience. It remains the very best Fire Emblem game to date, and is easily one of the highlights out of the entire 3DS’ library.

A Link Between Worlds is the sequel to Link to the Past that we’ve always wanted, and it more than lives up to its namesake. The game brilliantly creates a new vision for 2D Zelda with a 2.5D presentation that uses a unique mechanic that has Link popping in and out of walls as a painting. It also switches up the Zelda formula in terms of how dungeons can be tackled, and items obtained. A Link Between Worlds definitely makes the case for the very best game on 3DS.

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