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Top 25 Best Grand Theft Auto Characters of All Time

So many faces to remember between all of the heists and explosions.

GTA has been introducing players to memorable characters for quite some time now. In between taking out rival gangs, blowing up buildings, and stealing the sweetest rides each city has to offer, you have the chance to meet the inhabitants of these wonderful locations.

Some are just nice people who happen to live among the madness you’re creating. Others are those that help facilitate your mayhem, whether through supplying resources or providing targets you can use to take out your frustrations. Some are even you in these worlds that Rockstar has decided to drop players into.

Of course, these characters did more than just exist in each game. They brought something special to the table. Laughs, emotions, honor, crazy moments that caused you to back away cautiously (this is mostly the case with Trevor), and just an all around good time. You wouldn’t think that you’d be able to find so many amazing individuals among all of the explosions and insanity that is GTA.Thankfully, the writers over at Rockstar know that there’s more to the fun than just nice guns and things that go boom.

So, without further ado, here are 25 of the most memorable characters to grace the series.

It was Claude that introduced fans to the world of GTA in 3D. He was silent, but the way he expressed himself with bullets and mayhem made him a true poet.

What would the criminal underground be without a charismatic, greedy, unbelievably shady lawyer?

CJ comes back home only to inherit a war. His fight against multiple gangs and the walking definition of a dirty cop makes this GTA protagonist stand out.

Brucie is one weird individual, focused on moving up in the world and easily the most enthusiastic character you’ll ever meet in GTA. He can be a bit much, but you can’t help but laugh around him.

It’s cousin Roman! Depending on how you feel about him at the end of GTA IV, he’s either the bane of your existence or your favorite family member that just so happens to be ruining your life.

Out of all of Michael’s family members, Jimmy is easily the best. This lazy “victim of circumstance” is hilarious, and one of the few who actually stands up to his father. Although, he’s pretty reckless when he does so and often needs his father’s help afterwards.

Toni is the protagonist in Liberty City Stories, and he adds a bit more character to the adventures than Claude did. This wise guy is headstrong, and he will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals.

Ah, Love Fist. Great music, great missions, but a little too into partying. Following this group throughout the games is one of the most entertaining parts of the series.

The GTA series gave fans plenty of enemies to hate, but with Officer Tenpenny they hit it out of the park. Every time he showed up on screen you couldn’t help but want to knock his block off.

No matter how you may feel about GTA IV as a game, it’s difficult to deny how great Niko was. Here’s this man trying to make a good life for himself only to be pulled into madness and heists thanks to his good ol’ cousin Roman.

Michael is one of three playable protagonists in GTA V. He loves old movies, robbing banks, and corny one-liners. Watching him wade through the cesspool that is his life under witness protections is a whole new type of fun.

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