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Top 20 Best Remasters That We’ve Been Graced With So Far

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Top 20 Best Remasters That We’ve Been Graced With So Far

Remasted, re-worth it.

Dishonored was a great game when it came out four years ago, and it’s even better on the PS4 and Xbox One. Revamped visuals aside, bundling The Knife of Dunwall and Brigmore Witches DLC with the main adventure makes it well worth buying. If you’re interested in Dishonored 2, definitely play this first, if you haven’t.

Capcom re-released the first three games for the Xbox 360 and PS3, giving us the chance to gain achievements and trophies while we do our deadly demon slaying. Getting to play as Dante’s brother Vergil in the third game certainly doesn’t hurt either. He may take his time to get used to, but once you do, he’s worth the price of buying the remaster alone.

Sleeping Dogs hit that right kind of itch when it came out as an open world crime game where you could kick the crap out of everyone you met with your bare fists and feet. With all 24 (yes, you read that right) pieces of DLC and quality changes the community asked for, Wei’s remastered adventure is worth all the bloodshed.

Journey. Flower. Flow. With just three games under their belt, the folks at ThatGameCompany have won over gamers by giving them small scale adventures that are emotionally captivating. The remasters for each of these games never lose their charm, whether that’s on the PS3, PS4, or the Vita.

Yes, the multiplayer came with a lot of problems. But they’ve all been patched now, and those aside, MCC is still one of the best remasters out there. It makes switching between the four main games simple, and being able to switch between the classic and modern version of Halo 2 is well appreciated.

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