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Top 10 Best Insomniac Games, Ranked

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Top 10 Best Insomniac Games, Ranked

One pretty darn talented developer.

Resistance may not be as well known as some of Insomniac’s other series, but it brought PlayStation another sci-fi shooter exclusive. The second entry, Resistance 2, continued the story of Nathan Hale and his slow descent into being overtaken by the Chimeran Virus. This sequel came packed with tons of guns in traditional Insomniac style, and plenty of epic set pieces.

Song of the Deep is very different from the usual explosive fare that we see with Insomniac Games. It’s a quiet, exploratory Metroidvania game that takes place entirely underwater. Marryn is a young girl who’s fisherman father gets lost at sea one day. Because of this, she builds a small submarine and sets off in search of him. Song of the Deep has some gameplay imperfections but its gorgeous artstyle, and mysterious world are enough to keep you exploring the depths.

There are so many great Ratchet and Clank games that it’s truly difficult to pick the best. The original PS2 trilogy of games still stand out as some of the best of the series however. Up Your Arsenal took all of the additions from Going Commando, including the upgrade sytem, and expanded them even further. The duo’s unique brand of humor really shone through by this point too, and Up Your Arsenal also introduced one of the series’ main villains, Dr. Nefarious.

Before the intergalactic heroes Ratchet and Clank came along, Insomniac was known for another PlayStation mascot, Spyro the Dragon. The spunky purple dragon returned for a second adventure even bigger than his first, with more powerful abilities and the ability to swim. Ripto’s Rage introduced quite a few characters that would stick around in the rest of the series. Spyro’s friend and sidekick Hunter the Cheetah, the greedy Moneybags who makes you pay for access to areas and of course Ripto himself, who’d appear as the antagonist in more than one subsequent game.

While Resistance 1 and 2 may have been Insomniac experimenting with a new series and formula, Resistance 3 shows them making that formula as good as it can be. The game splits off from the military focus, giving a much more of a survival-horror type of feel. Everything about Resistance 3 kicked things up a notch by being the darkest and most violent game of the series, keeping players on the edge of their seat the entire time.

Year of the Dragon is the last Spyro game Insomniac ever developed, and it’s easily the best in the series. This time around Spyro travels to the “Forgotten Worlds” in search of 150 dragon eggs that were stolen. The game had exactly what you’d expect out of Spyro, while adding on multiple new playable characters known as critters. These included a Yeti and a Penguin, and many had you playing minigames. Year of the Dragon was everything we could have wanted out of Insomniacs last hurrah for Spyro.

It’s easy to just associate Insomniac with the popular series they’ve created, but every once in a while they splinter off and create something wholly unique. Sunset Overdrive is just that, a quirky irreverant game with all the mayhem and explosions you could want. An energy drink has mutated the population of a city and it’s up to you to figure out why. Insomniac knows guns, and how to weave them into tight gameplay. Sunset Overdrive is crammed with ridiculous weapons, like a gun that shoots electrified records, or a bomb made with hairspray. If you want a over the top, comedic fourth wall breaking game with tons of action, look no farther than this Insomniac title.

Ratchet and Clank returned to video games this year with a bang, alongside a feature film as well. The new game, simply titled Ratchet and Clank, is technically a remake of the original, but it feels like so much more. Improvements from throughout the series, along with fan favorite weapons and new areas make this feel like an entirely fresh experience. Ratchet and Clank have never looked and played so well, making this one of the very best experiences available from Insomniac.

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