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15 Times Geralt of Rivia Was the Suavest Witcher in the Land


15 Times Geralt of Rivia Was the Suavest Witcher in the Land

Geralt the great.

That time he offered his soul to the Wild Hunt in exchange for Yennefer’s life (you love-struck dog, you).

Then when he subsequently managed to escape from said Wild Hunt, you know, the guys that nobody seems to escape from (with some help of course).

Every Time he uses Axii to just get things moving. I mean, he’s a pretty cool guy who doesn’t control people usually, but a little razzle dazzle can get him out of any boring situation.

Chose his name using a stick – he’s not actually from Rivia – but still ends up with a pretty badass sounding name.

The dude is around 95 in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and in his hundreds in the expansions. Being able to do everything he does in the games at his age is definitely smooth.

All those time he used the “Witcher Code” to get paid for his efforts. He was so convincing, but it doesn’t actually exist. Still, a man deserves to get paid for the sweat of his brow, right? Andrew Ryan taught us that.

Geralt does a ton of magic without any actual magic. While humans are busy trying to pull rabbits out of hats, Geralt is able to use Signs with sheer concentration granted to him by the Trial of the Grasses (the process that turns boys to Witchers).

Geralt is actually a knight, and being knighted made his fake name, Geralt of Rivia, official.

He is such a badass that Geralt excelled at the Trial of the Grasses, a challenge that normally kills the boys that attempt it. He did so well in fact that he was able to take on even more Mutagens, making him stronger and faster than other Witchers. He took it all in stride but was never overly proud, instead condemning the act. While others boast about their abilities, Geralt is humble and subtle, letting his actions do the talking while he sweet talks the ladies.

During The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you’ll have the opportunity to use the power of a Djinn to remove a spell from Geralt. This will untie his and Yennefer’s fate, allowing him to actually choose if he loves her not, something that many believe a witcher is incapable of.

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