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This Minecraft Quiz Will Test Your Crafting Know-How


This Minecraft Quiz Will Test Your Crafting Know-How

Test your Minecraft might!

Do you think you know a lot about Minecraft? Well, this quiz will truly test your knowledge of the game, its history, and the intricacies of its systems. Minecraft is a game that launched several entirely new genres of video games, from the myriad of clone crafting block games, all the way to inspiring some of the biggest survival games out right now, like ARK: Survival Evolved or Rust. Minecraft is a big game with a lot of little details, so let’s dive into the questions.

In what year did Minecraft officially release?
a. 2010
b. 2012
c. 2011
d. 2009

The answer is 2011. The game launched officially during the first ever Minecon, and the update that followed the release added the final boss for the game.

TRUE or FALSE: A Creeper that explodes in water won’t harm the player’s health
A: False, does damage to health, but doesn’t destroy blocks

Which of the following is NOT a basic strategy of Minecraft?
a. Don’t dig straight down
b. It is best to fight with an axe
c. Always keep food on-hand
d. Mark your path with torches

The answer is B. It’s best to fight with a sword, course. In the last few years, Mojang has added visible stats to the tools that make clear that the axe does more damage than punching, but a sword is still your best bet.

Which material is best to make tools out of?
a. Diamond
b. Steel
c. Obsidian
d. Cyrstal

The answer is A. Diamons have always been the most precious resource in the game when it comes to durability, though construction based players out there may argue that steel and redstone are in higher demand.

What is the name of Minecraft’s final boss?
a. Deadly Dragon
b. Obsidian Dragon
c. Ender Dragon
d. Nether Dragon

The answer is C. The Ender Dragon was added in 2011 when the game officially released so that the game would actually have an “end”

What is the minimum number of Obsidian blocks you need to make a Nether Portal?
a. 14
b. 7
c. 12
d. 10

The answer is D. Technically, you can get away with making a portal with only 10 obsidian blocks, but typically 14 is used.

Which of the following is a real wood type in the game?
a. Redwood
b. Spruce
c. Maple
d. Walnut

The answer is B. The other wood types don’t exist in the game, though you could probably mod them in somehow.

On what platform is Minecraft played the most?
a. Mobile
b. PC
c. Console
d. VR

The answer is A. When Minecraft: Pocket Edition came out in 2011, it very quickly became the biggest platform the game had ever seen. The console versions do trail behind it in 2nd, while its original home on the PC is actually in last.

TRUE OR FALSE: You can craft saddles
A: False. Saddles have a very low chance of being found in dungeons and can be bought from villagers if they offer them.

Where can you find the Blaze Rods needed to build a brewing station?
a. The End.
b. Dungeons
c. Jungle Biomes
d. The Nether

The answer is D. The Nether is where you can find randomly generated fortresses that Blazes typically make home. Killing a Blaze will net you blaze rods which are used to craft potion tables.

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