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15 Things We Just Know Will Happen at E3 2017

e3 2018

15 Things We Just Know Will Happen at E3 2017

Because E3!

E3 2017 is just around the corner and video game fans will no doubt be counting down the days until we see what’s in store for us in the coming years. While E3 2017 is sure to bring plenty of new and exciting announcements, there’s always a few things you just know will happen, and that’s exactly what this list is. So without further ado, here are 15 things we just know will happen at E3 2017.

Ubisoft’s dance performance – To show off how Just Dance 2018 is the exact same game as 2017 with new tracks, we get another two-minute dance performance. It’s just tradition now!

EA bringing out some soccer personality for FIFA – 2015 was Pele, 2016 was Mourinho. With just a few weeks until EA’s 2017 E3 conference, speculation is rife as to who will take to the stage for seemingly no reason.

a beta going live right now – E3 is all about crazy announcements to get fans hyped up about the year to come. Yet, while most announcements will be of a game releasing further down the line, betas are there to give us something to play “right now!” Exactly what beta it’ll be this year, who knows, but fear not, there’s always one.

people saying “in-game footage” – After a bit of an uproar over cinematic trailers not accurately representing games in the past, “in-game footage” has become a common phrase in E3 press conferences. Not that we’re complaining. In fact, it’s quite enjoyable to keep a tally!

kickstarter revival – Kickstarter has almost become a barometer used by developers and publishers to measure the interest of a game. With the crowdfunding platform becoming more and more popular with developers and Shenmue 3 smashing its goal back at E3 2015, there’s a good chance it’ll make its return this time around.

exclusive DLC first on a platform – Call of Duty. PS4. One month early. All that needs to be said for this one really.

indie montages – Indie games have become an increasingly significant part of the industry in recent years and they show no sign of slowing down anytime soon. Indie montages will take their place in the big three’s announcements as per usual, and they’ll flash by so fast you’ll have no idea what games were even up there on the big screen.

A fan/ fans will lose their minds – Every single E3 sees one fan getting uncontrollably excited and screaming “YAAAAAS!” as they frantically applaud some huge announcement. We all remember last year’s screaming Elder Scrolls Online fan during Bethesda’s conference. We’re pretty sure E3 2017 will bring a few announcements with the potential for equally wonderful fan reactions.

Ubisoft Announces Another Multiplayer-Focused Game – Ever since The Division, Ubisoft has been shifting towards multiplayer-focused titles. Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Steep, For Honor, Rainbow Six Siege. We’ve already had confirmation the publisher’s new IP will be multiplayer-based. Final announcement, anyone?

We’ll See a Game for the First Time… And Have to Wait For a Good Five Years to Play it – Crackdown 3. Final Fantasy VII Remake. Cuphead. WiLD. Gran Turismo Sport. There’s a long list of huge games announced years ago we’re still waiting on and E3 2017 is sure to have its fair share. Fear not though, because…

And then a Long-Forgotten Title Will Make Its Big Return – After a bunch of delays or several years in the dark, that beloved title you’ve been waiting years for finally makes its big return. It’s changed a lot since we last saw it, but it finally has a release date. The crowd goes wild, instantly forgetting about the inevitable delay of the hot new title they just saw.

“Native 4K” will be the buzzword of Microsoft’s conference – A 4K resolution is the next step for consoles and while Sony’s PS4 Pro manages to deliver an upscaled (sometimes native) 4K resolution on some titles, Microsoft’s Scorpio is set to be a native 4K system. With some ground to make up, Microsoft will waste no time in dropping the phrase during its conference.

Sony Ignores Our Cries to Let Us Change Our Names… Again – Every year Sony fans believe the time has finally come that one of their most requested features is finally on the way. 2017 will be the same. Anticipation will build. Rumors may surface. But ultimately, we’ll be left with the same bitter taste of disappointment come the end. Please Shu, just let us change our names!

An Old-School Title Will Get Remastered – Remasters and remakes have become commonplace during the PS4 and Xbox One era and even as we approach four years you can guarantee at least one will be announced. With Ratchet and Clank, Phantom Dust, and Crash Bandicoot all getting the remaster treatment, an old-school remaster at E3 2017 is a surefire bet. Spyro the Dragon, anyone?

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