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The Hardest Star Wars Quiz Only True Jedi Will Pass

May the answers be with you!
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Q1: What alternate ending almost made its way into Return of the Jedi?

1: Vader withstands Emperor Palpatine’s Force lightning, draining him from his power until Luke decapitates The Emperor using nothing but the Force.
2: Luke puts on a dying Vader’s helmet, picking up his mantle and continuing his legacy as he turns to the Dark Side.
3: Yoda’s Force ghosts gets summoned through the combined efforts of Vader and Luke, allowing the deceased Jedi Master to eliminate The Emperor and restoring Vader’s faith.

A: Believe it or not, but George Lucas initially toyed with the idea of having Luke turn over to the Dark Side following the death of Darth Vader. Talk about the ultimate plot twist!

Q2: How many toes does Yoda have?

1: Three.
2: Four.
3: Five.

A: The official answer would be that he has three toes on each foot, but your view on it will depend on the movie you’ve seen most recently. In The Phantom Menace, Yoda has three little piggies. However, in Revenge of the Sith, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, he has magically sprouted a fourth.

Q3: What’s the original line?

1: Luke, I am your father.
2: I am your father, Luke.
3: No, I am your father.

A: Darth Vader drops one of cinema’s biggest plot twists by telling Luke “No, I am your father”. Through frequent misinterpretation, this line in often remembered incorrectly. Unless, of course, you’re a die hard Star Wars fanatic.

Q4: What combination makes for the iconic lightsaber sound design?

1: An old projector and television static.
2: Sharp kitchen utensils and electronic keyboard tones.
3: A microwave and chalk on a blackboard.

A: If you ever want to make your own lightsaber sounds, you better find yourself an old projector and some good old-fashioned television static.

Q5: Emperor Palpatine had a total of three apprentices: Darth Vader, Darth Maul, and…?

1: Darth Bane.
2: Darth Tyranus.
3: Darth Plagueis.

A: Darth Tyranus is one of Palpatine’s lesser-known apprentices.

Q6: Speaking of Emperor Palpatine, what is this Sith Lord’s official name?

1: Sheev Palpatine.
2: Kharr Palpatine.
3: Yundd Palpatine.

A: The man underneath the hood was once known as Sheev Palpatine.

Q7: Something is different about the Millennium Falcon when we see it again in The Force Awakens. What is it?

1: The cockpit switched from the right side of the ship to the left side.
2: Due to the Millennium Falcon being inactive for so long, its taillight switched from blue to green.
3: Its circular radar dish was replaced by a rectangular one.

A: The radar dish was indeed replaced by a rectangular shaped dish. Care to know why? Head on over to our next question!

Q8: How did the aforementioned change to the Millennium Falcon come to be?

1: Unkar Plutt sold the Corellian freighter’s radar dish to a shady individual, who showed no interest in the rest of the ship.
2: The dish was considered collateral damage when the First Order assaulted the Niima Outpost on the planet of Jakku.
3: Lando Calrissian accidentally knocked it off while flying the Millennium Falcon through the second Death Star.

A: Lando scratched up Han’s most prized possession, knocking the radar dish off while maneuvering it through the second Death Star.

Q9: Who utters the iconic line “It’s a trap”?

1: Nien Nunb.
2: Admiral Ackbar.
3: Han Solo.

A: Oh Admiral Ackbar, how one of your few lines became so memorable.

Q10: Boba Fett flies a pretty badass Interceptor. What’s it called?

1: Rogue I.
2: Slave I.
3: Fett II.

A: Boba Fett is the proud owner of Slave 1.

Q11: How did that Firespray-class Interceptor become Boba Fett’s?

1: His father Jango Fett left it to him after his death during the Battle of Geonosis.
2: Boba Fett claimed the ship from a slave trader called Unkar Plutt after the he refused to pay Fett his due bounty.
3: He won it while gambling.

A: Jango Fett left his son the Slave I Interceptor after his death.

Q12: In Empire Strikes Back, Luke is attacked by a vicious creature. What is this creature called?

1: Wampa.
2: Frost Wookiee.
3: Tauntaun.

A: The enormous Wampa almost caused Luke’s death mere minutes after the sequel started rolling.

Q13: Luckily, Luke survived. How did he escape the aforementioned beast’s lair?

1: He played dead so that the Wampa lost interest, feeding on Luke’s Tauntaun instead.
2: Luke severed the Wampa’s arm with his lightsaber and quickly bolted.
3: By yelling loudly, Luke scared the creature off.

A: Luke cut off the Wampa’s arm right after freeing himself from the ice.

Q14: A deleted scene showcased a Wampa being used to the Rebel’s advantage. What did that scene depict?

1: The frenzied Wampa followed Luke’s scent, wreaking havoc near the Rebel base on Hoth.
2: A wandering Wampa mistook an AT-AT for a female Wampa, angrily swinging from the Walker’s blaster cannons in an attempt to seduce the “female”. This led to uncontrollable friendly fire.
3: C-3P0 tore a warning sign off a closed door that held back a Wampa. The beast ended up killing a Snow Trooper inspecting the door in question.

A: C-3PO can be a cold bastard, ripping a sign clean off a door to lead a Snow Trooper to his impending doom.

Q15: Where was Luke planning on picking up power converters before his life took a drastic turn?

1: Tosche Station.
2: Niima Outpost.
3: Sevestapol Trade Center.

A: We sometimes wonder if someone ever picked up those power converters from Tosche Station…

Q16: How big was the original Death Star’s crew?

1: 1.7 million military personnel and 400 thousand droids.
2: 400 thousand military personnel and 1.7 million droids.
3: That number remains classified and is unknown to the general public.

A: The Death Star holds 1.7 million military personnel, accompanied by 400 thousand droids.

Q17: The second Death Star was considerably larger than the original. What was the second Death Star’s estimated diameter?

1: 140 kilometers.
2: 160 kilometers.
3: Over 9000 kilometers.

A: The second Death Star measured a staggering 160 kilometers in diameter.

Q18: In the prequel trilogy, Qui-Gon Jinn used a communicator. What everyday item served as the model for this device?

1: A Nissan Frontier 2WD break pedal.
2: The latch knob from an Oster TSSTTRWF4S 4-Slice toaster.
3: A Gillette Ladies Sensor Excell razor handle.

A: For a man as badass as Liam Neeson, seeing Qui-Gon Jinn talking into a Gillette woman razor is quite the hilarious sight.

Q19: What other popular sci-fi alien species is part of the Star Wars universe?

1: Xenomorph.
2: E.T.
3: Predator.

A: E.T.‘s species can be spotted in The Phantom Menace, attending the Convocation Chamber when Queen Amidala calls for a vote of no confidence.

Q20: Luke Skywalker is arguably the most recognizable heroes in cinema history. What last name was almost given to the iconic Jedi?

1: Skycrawler.
2: Starkiller.
3: Homecoming.

A: Skywalker sure sounds a lot more heroic than Starkiller

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