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The Hardest Destiny Quiz That Only True Guardians Will Pass


The Hardest Destiny Quiz That Only True Guardians Will Pass

Take quiz, yessssss?

Destiny is one of the most popular games of the modern era thanks to solid gunplay, interesting lore, and fun aliens to fight. However, only some Guardians are truly knowledgeable of the this title’s secrets. If you want to prove you know more than anyone, here’s your chance.

So you think you’re the greatest guardian at the tower?

Test your knowledge with this Destiny quiz and see if you are truly worthy of The Travelers gift.

How Many Specific Spots Can Xur Appear At?

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7

Answer: D – 7
Xur can actually appear at 7 different locations, 6 of which are at The Tower with the last one being in the side room at The Reef.

Which enemy never appears in a Taken form?

A. Centurion
B. Dreg
C. Ogre
D. Wizard

Answer: B – Dreg

While they might not appear as normal Taken enemies, Oryx actually creates a Taken version of both Baxx , The Gravekeeper (Ogre) during the main campaign. Both Wizards and Centurions are are base Taken enemies that appear throughout The Taken King expansion.

Which Exotic Weapon is this quote from? “Vanguard Policy Urges Guardians to Destroy This Weapon on Sight”

A. Touch of Malice
B. Jade Rabbit
C. Black Spindle
D. Red Death

Answer D – Red Death

This pulse rifle siphons life after each kill, which could explain why the Vanguard sees this weapon as something that needs to be destroyed.

How Many Vendors Are At The Tower?

A. 12
B. 13
C. 14
D. 15

Answer D – 15

There are 15 vendors at the tower which include all 3 factions, all 3 classes, 2 Crucible merchants, Amanda Holiday, Eververse, Banshee, Vanguard Quartermaster, The Speaker, Eris, and the Outfitter.

Which Sparrow is an SRL Exclusive?

A. EV-40 Snowscream
B. Flamecourser
C. S-13 Graverobber
D. EV-34 Vector Infinite

Answer A -EV-20 Snowscream

The EV-40 Snowscream is one of the 9 SRL exclusive Sparrows that were available during the event, with the Flamcourser being from Trials of Osiris, the Graverobber from Crota’s End, and the Vector Infinite is apart of the “Refer a Friend” questline.

How Many Fallen Houses Are There? (Both Past and Present)

A. 5
B. 7
C. 9
D. 11

Answer C – 9

There are 9 Fallen Houses (Devils, Wolves, Winter, Exile, Judgement, Kings, Rain, Stone, Scar), only 5 of which are still currently active with the rest believed to be extinct.

Which Cabal Leader Led The Attack on Oryx’s Dreadnaught?

A. Primus  Sha’aull
B. Primus Ta’aun
C. Valus Mau’ual
D. Bracus Tha’aurn

Answer B – Primus Ta’aun

Primus Ta’aun was the Cabal leader who led the first wave of attacks against Oryx, crashing his ship directly into the Dreadnaught. However, his attack didn’t last long as Ta’aun was actually “Taken” by Oryx leaving his battalion in disarray.

How Many Trades Did You Need to Make in Order to Unlock the Superblack Shader?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

Answer D – 6

In order to get the Superblack Shader you will need to trade your raisins to the Speaker for Ascended Raisins, then to Zalvala to get the Salted Sweets, then to the Cryptarch for a Winged Chew. After this, you will have to go to Amanda Holiday for some Splice drops and then back over to Cayde-6 for some Unchocolate. One you have that in hand, finally make your way over to Eris who will give you the Superblack Shader.

Which one of these ships are not earned from a raid?

A. Agonarch Karve
B. Light in the Abyss
C. Waning Star
D. Bane of Dark Gods

Answer C – Waning Star

While the Waning Star is “Taken” this ship is actually earned through Eververse and their packages.

What is the name for the mission in which you hunt down Draksis on Venus?

A. Queen’s Ransom
B. Scourge of Winter
C. The Ruling House
D. The Silent Fang

Answer B -Scourge of Winter

Scourge of Winter is the name of the mission where you track down Draksis, as the rest of the missions named are focused around Skolas instead.

Which weapon is used by the Vex?

A. Line Rifle
B. Projection Rifle
C. Shredder
D. Wire Rifle

Answer A – Line Rifle

The Line Rifle is used by the Vex’s sniper unit known as Hobgoblins, while the Projection and Wire Rifle are used by the Cabal and Fallen respectively.

How Many Crucible Maps Are There? (Including the PlayStation Exclusives)

A. 22
B. 25
C. 28
D. 31

Answer D – 31

There are actually 31 maps available in the Crucible, as each expansion has added at least 3 to the core PvP modes.

What Destiny Class Was Eris Morn?

A. Hunter
B. Titan
C. Warlock
D. Unknown

Answer A – Hunter

Eris Morn was actually a Hunter who was a part of a 6 person fireteam that led the initial attack against the Hive on the Moon. However, she was the sole survivor and was stranded in their caverns for an unknown period of time.

What is the name of the robot Postmaster at The Tower?

A. Micha 99-40
B. Kadi 55-30
C. Xander 99-40
D. Roni 55-30

Answer B – Kadi 55-30

Kadi is actually the name of the Postmaster who resides at The Tower behind the Eververse station. The others are either vendors or bounty givers, none of which have a direct impact on the story.

What is the Last Entry in the Book of Sorrows?

A. Apocolypse Refrains
B. Eater of Hope
C. End of Failed Timeline
D. Wormfood

Answer D -Wormfood

With 50 entries in the Book of Sorrows, the very last one is actually titled “Wormfood,” with the others scattered around the mid to high 30s and 40s.

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