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The Best Announcements of Bethesda’s E3 Conference


The Best Announcements of Bethesda’s E3 Conference

The best around!

Bethesda brought the thunder with their E3 press conference as they brought both big returning franchises and some exciting news about currently released games. While it was nowhere near the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring level that was Bethesda’s last conference, but it was a strong showing regardless. Games such as Quake Champions and Prey helped keep the reveals fresh, while other titles like Fallout 4 have some surprising additions headed on down the pipeline. This was all especially welcomed after the mediocre conference that EA had, which felt more like an Esports love letter than an actual E3 event.

Though when deciding what were the best moments of Bethesda’s E3 2016 showcase, we wanted to look for moments that were not just jaw-dropping reveals. Sometimes the subtle, more important moments can be overlooked in the wake of all the pomp and circumstance. Which, to be clear, there were a lot of crowd-pleasing moments that were clearly focused for fans of series like Skyrim or Doom. Though there is nothing wrong with this, as big crowd cheering moments are pretty much Bethesda’s bread and butter, it does hinder some of the smaller moments moment to shine. Even though no conference Bethesda ever has may rival the Fallout 4 reveal, these moments certainly caught our attention and made for a fitting end to the first day of E3.


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