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Pokemon GO Valor vs Mystic vs Instinct Memes to Fuel Your Rivalry


Pokemon GO Valor vs Mystic vs Instinct Memes to Fuel Your Rivalry

Which team did you pledge allegiance to?

Pokemon GO has led to quite a few things. For starters, it’s reignited the passion to be the very best in fans who have long since put down their Game Boys. The Ash Ketchum that lives within us all has been awakened and everyone young and old is now on the quest to be come a bona fide Pokemon trainer.

This new passion has led to everyone getting out of their homes so they can search for each little critter that Pokemon GO has in store for us, leading to the forging of new friendships, and a ton of exercise. But it’s also led to the formation of teams, as Pokemon GO’s Gyms use teams as a central part of its system.

The three teams are Valor, Mystic, and Instinct, and they are currently fighting for Pokemon supremacy across the world (well across portions of it, the game is still rolling out in certain territories). Of course, this means that a war is spreading quickly as fans choose where their allegiances lie. Is it with the burning flame of Moltres that protects Valor, the cool blue breeze of Articuno that covers Mystic, or the shocking light of Zapdos that powers Instinct?

No matter which side you choose, chances are that there are a ton of memes helping to build your pride and crush your enemies. As the internet community is wont to do, there has been a flood of hilarious images released, each taking the side of one team or another as new players join and recruiting must be done. It’s hilarious to see just how creative a lot of these Pokemon GO players can get as they use everything from classic movie scenes to Spongebob.

We’ve put together a gallery of the funniest memes out right now that perfectly depict the struggle going on behind the scenes as millions of players strive to be the very best, like no one ever was.

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