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The Best Telltale Games: All 16 Ranked

the walking dead


The Best Telltale Games: All 16 Ranked

Zombies, fairy tales, talking animals and more.

Jurassic Park seems like a sure setting for an adventure game, throw a group of characters in a park overrun by dinosaurs and let the tensions flare. The game did hit before Telltale’s game structure really got nailed down by The Walking Dead however. Reception for it was lukewarm, with a cast of characters that weren’t particularly memorable and incredibly simplistic gameplay.

Telltale took at stab at the classic animated series from Aardman Animations, Wallace and Gromit. In traditional Telltale style, the game was split into four different episodes that saw you controlling both Wallace and Gromit. The developer worked in collaboration with Aardman to help craft a story and characters that would feel authentic to the series. With some slick animation and fun puzzles, the game succeeded fairly well.

Back to the Future is similar to Jurassic Park as a Telltale adaption of a movie, but things turn out a bit better this time around. The game takes place six months after Back to the Future Part III, as Doc is still gone in an unknown time and the bank has foreclosed on his house. Plenty of thing we’ve come to expect from Telltale games are present like conversation trees, and explorable environments. Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox allowed the company to use their likenesses, while Lloyd even returns to voice Doc. Back to the Future gives us a chance to interact with the series’ characters again, and tells a pretty good story to boot.

The Devil’s Playhouse is arguably the best Sam & Max game, once again pushing the heroes through a series of five episodes. The duo’s wit was back and funnier than ever, and the game introduced some great gameplay changes as well. You now had the ability to directly control both Sam and Max, instead of only pointing them where to go, and you could switch between the two at will. Psychic powers and eldritch gods are just two aspects to this crazy story.

Minecraft: Story Mode was definitely a surprise, and we weren’t really sure how the game would function. What we got thought was a fun, adventurous romp featuring a great voice cast and tons of Minecraft references. For the first time players can customize the main character Jesse, played by Patton Oswalt. Jesse sets out on an adventure with his friends to discover the mysterious Order of the Stone, and eventually ends up embroiled in a quest to save the very world.

Gearbox’s cartoony sci-fi shooter series seemed like an odd fit for the Telltale style of game, but Tales from the Borderlands works incredibly well. Telltale managed to nail the absurd humor that Borderlands is known for, including an incredibly memorable moment featuring a finger gun battle. The five-episode series focuses on two different characters named Rhys and Fiona. The two interact on multiple occasions and their story weave together, revealing a larger tale with surprising twists, great character interactions,  and the return of some prominent Borderlands characters.

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