The Best Overwatch Cosplay at BlizzCon 2016

blizzcon welcomed a new title to it’s hall this year. overwatch took blizzard’s annual event by storm, and not just with their massive demo stage, and not just with their huge world championships, and not even just with the highly anticipated Sombra reveal. overwatch was the cosplay star at blizzcon 2016. everyone seems enraptured with this new roster of unique characters, and through the course of two blizzard days, we saw all the overwatch cosplay in the world.

there was mercy, pharaph, reaper, d.va, widowmaker, tracer, and mei. We caught a few mccree’s out on the showfloor as well. blizzard also hired someone to cosplay as sombra for the event, on the very day of her reveal no less.

cosplay is central to blizzcon, with fans and developers alike taking on the garb of their favorite characters as they walk halls filled with hundreds upon hundreds of blizzard fans. that in mind, we collected some of the best overwatch cosplay from across blizzcon, and left it all here for you to check out. let us know who your favorite cosplayer is, or which character you wish would get more love. we know, there just aren’t enough winston cosplays to go around.

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