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The Best Dragon Ball Games: All 41 Ranked


The Best Dragon Ball Games: All 41 Ranked

Better than all the rest.

There have been a lot of games set in the Dragon Ball universe, most of them being fighting games. Counting only the ones released in North America, you have whopping 41 video games that cover Goku’s origins all the way up to the evens of Dragon Ball GT (that’s a lot of ground to cover). Of course, as with all large groups of things, not every game is exactly great. So, to help you decipher which ones are worth your time, we’ve decided to rank every single game released in NA based on their critical reception.

Considering how many different games there are, this was not an easy task, but after sifting through the history of the different series and spin-offs it became clear how much the franchise as a whole has grown. From Dragon Power, a game that wiped all references to the Dragon Ball universe from it’s content, to Budokai Tenkaichi 3, the best of the best, it’s interesting to see how different developers incorporated varied elements from the manga, anime, and even other games. Fighting mechanics from Ultimate Battle 22 became the core of Final Bout, Budokai Tenkaichi took the popularity of Budokai but revolutionized the mechanics, and the DS brought us the best adventures we’d seen.

Dragon Ball has a long, storied history in the realm of video games. As we rank everything that came before, we are excited to see what the future has in store for us fans.

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