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The 25 Best League of Legends Champions

League of Legends

The 25 Best League of Legends Champions

League of Legends has loads of champions to offer – here are some of the best.

The 25 Best League of Legends Champions

First up is the champion that everyone knows, but not everyone loves. Yasuo is a very divisive character in League of Legends, with some hating his playstyle, calling him ‘cheap’ and others love him for how satisfying he is to play. Whatever side you’re on, you can’t deny his popularity.

Ahri has always, since her release, been easily one of the best and most popular champs out there. She’s incredibly satisfying to play and powerful, utilizing a charm ability that can lock up enemies for up to 2 seconds, allowing you to deal catastrophic damage to their face in an instant. She’s also sparked a lot of attraction from those in the fandom, too, and there are countless cosplays and fanarts of her.

Lissandra, everyone’s favourite Ice Queen, has been in the League of Legends for over three years now, and nowadays is sometimes considered an essential Champion to play. This top laner is blessed with decent mobility, high damage, and the potential to lock the enemy up completely if played well.

Jinx, when she was introduced into League of Legends, very quickly became one of the game’s most popular characters. Her bubbly personality isn’t all this ADC has, though. Her high mobility as an ADC, along with her high damage, long range, and ability to snare enemies means that Jinx is a powerful addition to the right team composition.

Lucian is arguably an even better ADC than Jinx, capable of more mobility that enables him to chase enemies down with ease. His passive, which enables him to fire twice after casting an ability, syncs up incredibly well with his dash and damaging abilities, making him brilliant to play when coupled up with a heavy-CC support.

Lee Sin is one of the most skill-based champions out there, but in the right hands he is unstoppable. Most commonly played in the Jungle, Lee Sin has ridiculously high mobility and gank power, letting him swiftly move from lane to lane and help his team get kills early on. Later in the game, hes still a valuable asset, with his ultimate ability allowing him to reposition an enemy, oftentimes placing them in the middle of your own team.

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