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The 15 Most WTF Enemies from the Resident Evil Series


The 15 Most WTF Enemies from the Resident Evil Series

Umbrella has some weird ideas…

Whopper – Resident Evil 6

When you are cooking up a variety of macabre specimens in a secret lab, it’s important to give them catchy or scientific names like Chimera, U-8, or Plant 42. Calling your bloated, fat zombie “Whopper” is not exactly the most endearing or even fear-inspiring name one can come up with. It’s like some scientist at Umbrella was eating Burger King, lost a bet, and now had to name his killer monstrosity after a damn burger.

Plague Crawler – Resident Evil Zero

While there have been a lot of different bugs infected with the T-Virus, the Plague Crawler is just a Frankenstein mashup of insects and nightmares. Not only are they bigger than a dog, but Umbrella discontinued their experiments due to having a lack of control on these creatures. Great, so their giant, terrifying bugs who have complete free will and like to kill humans – Thanks Umbrella.

Duvalia – Resident Evil 5

The Duvalia is what happens when you think slapping a bunch of random teeth, flaps of skin, and claws will make a scary foe. Instead, you get this weird abomination that looks like a giant blob with legs.

Scagdead – Resident Evil Revelations

The Scagdead is the first boss that players will encounter during Resident Evil Revelations and boy is it a weird, terrifying experience. While its mutated body is par for the course, the twist is that there is still some humanity left in this poor crew member. During the fight he will beg and plead for you to help kill him, making the fight only weirder. Did he really need to talk? Now we just feel bad every time the Scagdead tries to kill us.

Excella Gionne – Resident Evil 5

While Excella’s boss form is a disgusting tangled mess of Uroboros, however, we still can’t understand why she would ever trust Wesker int he first place. This is a villain who literally spends his time rambling about killing the human race and she still thinks this is a man that’s worth support. Excella, have you even seen how this man dresses and speaks?! Wesker has “will betray you” stamped across his forehead and somehow you still decide to side with.

Del Lago – Resident Evil 4

Del Lago is by far one of the most memorable boss fights in the entire series, however we have to wonder how the villagers are just cool with this giant salamander. Yes, the Las Plagas corrupted them, yet having a massive, man-eating behemoth in your local lake seems like an easy way to get yourself killed. Plus, there are like a dozen television shows dedicated to finding weird, legendary beasts so how has this not been discovered yet?

Gold Tyrant – Resident Evil

This weirdly skinned variety is only available in the Sega Saturn port of Resident Evil produces way more questions than answers. Why is Tyrant gold? Did Umbrella want to make a fashionably accessible tyrant for when you’re out on the town? Does it come in silver or black if we don’t feel like having a gold Resident Evil boss?

Zombie Elephant – Resident Evil Outbreak File 2

Zombie dogs, spiders, and bats are fairly common for Umbrella, yet we’re pretty sure they didn’t expect the T-Virus to be as effective with elephant DNA. While this beast is truly terrifying, we cannot help but feel bad about putting this massive infected creature down. Perhaps we will skip going to the zoo next time.

Sea Creeper – Resident Evil Revelations

Sea Creepers at first glance look like a mutated shellfish, however it’s actually just a warped t-Abyss human female. However, we aren’t sure if this better or worse as this monster is nothing but rows of teeth and claws. It also doesn’t help that Sea Creepers can hide under the water and wait until the player gets too close before they attack.

Drain Deimos – Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

So apparently this beast is supposed to be a T-virus infected version of a flea except that it looks literally nothing like a flea. Named after the Greed personification of dread, Drain Deimos are just ugly, vile creatures that look more like rejected Zerg concept art.

Romon Salazar – Resident Evil 4

There’s no doubt one of the best parts of fighting the Las Plagas is that they don’t talk much and usually just grunt or shout angerly when they spot you. Ramon Salazar, on the other hand, is a rejected Napolean impersonator who feels the need to lecture Leon Kennedy during every cutscene he’s present. Then when we finally catch up to the little jerk he merges with a giant plant that you then have to kill to finally shut him up.

Rasklapanje – Resident Evil 6

For those that didn’t know, Rasklapanje is Slender Man’s disgusting, suit hating brother. There are a lot of humanoid enemies in the Resident Evil series, however, this monster may be one of the most unnerving variations. This is mainly because it can keep reconstructing itself and has a habit of pushing a character into a massive fan.

Bandersnatch – Resident Evil: Code Veronica

Bandersnatch is almost comical in his visual design mainly thanks to his massive right arm that he drags around with him. Part of us wonders if this is what Pop-Eye would look like if Umbrella infected him with the T-Virus, as his proportions make him more laughable than scary.

Neptune – Resident Evil Series

Sharks are one of nature’s perfect killing machines, so sure, why not make it even angrier and more dangerous. Released by a scientist who lost his mind, (which is apparently a qualification to work for Umbrella) Neptune and her spawn are exceptionally dangerous in the water and kill the player before they even have a chance to react.

Nyx – Resident Evil Outbreak File #2

Nyx is officially the weirdest and most “what the [email protected]#$” enemy in this entire survival horror series. This mutated behemoth is missing an arm, which is conveniently replaced by a human, and the other arm is a giant club made of body parts. The rest of Nyx is basically a giant infected toe with disgusting veins covering every part of it. Why is there just one guy killing on the side of this monster? Does Nyx get lonely and want someone to chat with? To this day we still have zero idea what this creature is exactly supposed to be or what purpose it serves.


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