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The 15 Most Deliciously Evil Gaming Villains of 2016


The 15 Most Deliciously Evil Gaming Villains of 2016

Chilling with the villains.

Okay, so maybe the Snatchers aren’t the most constant villains in Gears of War 4, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re some a-holes. They kidnap anything in their path with crazy speed, and when they get you, it’s a frantic rush to get your friends to save you from the ugly bastards. The Uncharted series can be hit and miss on villains, but Nadine is one of the best. She makes for a more interesting baddie than Rafe, and the fact that she manages to beat the crap out of both Nate and Sam single handedly certainly doesn’t hurt things.

Dusan Nemec (Watch Dogs)
The Crownkiller (Dishonored)
Sal Marcano (Mafia)
Samuel Hayden or Olivia Pierce (Doom)
Nadine (Uncharted)
Everyone (Civ 6)
Aether Foundation (Pokemon)
Advent Foundation (XCOM 2)
Ull (Far Cry Primal)
SIVA (Destiny: Rise of Iron)
Dad (Firewatch)
The Snatcher (Gears 4)
Nameless King (Dark Souls III)
Horses (Battlefield 1)

Let’s be real here: everyone is a villain in Civilization VI. No one’s on your side, and anyone you try to form an allegiance with will just completely dick you over at some point. Gandhi, Cleo, even Roosevelt, they’re all just complete jerks. It’s a well known fact that any company that dresses in all-white has diabolical plans afoot, and the same holds true with Pokemon’s Aether Foundation. Despite their claims of helping Pokemon and keeping them safe from Team Skull, they’re no angels themselves, right down to their artificial island. If Jurassic World has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t trust scientists. At all.

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